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Review: Nebulous by Shiloh Walker

Nebulous by Shiloh Walker

Publisher: Ellora’s Cave
Genre: Paranormal Romance

Heat Rating: 2



Seven hundred years have passed since Azar’s birth. A demon-born incubus, his survival depends on women. Although he doesn’t remember all of his mortal life, he does remember his lost love…Caoilinn.

But he begins to dream of another woman. And demons do not dream. She rekindles the embers of his lost humanity and makes him yearn for things he cannot have.

Kerrigan dreams of Azar as well, and one night, while he watches her, she whispers his name. A name she can’t possibly know.

A name that will summon a demon…

Publisher’s Note: Previously released in the Myth-behavin’ anthology.
Reader Advisory: Story contains a wee bit of forced sex.

LynnMarie’s Review

Kerrigan has been haunted by mysterious dreams her whole life. Right before prom, and later, right before her wedding, a voice in her head warned her that she was a taken woman. The voices and dreams finally lead her to Ireland, a place she has never visited, but also never felt more at home once she arrived. Will she be able to find the man that calls to her?

Azar has been a demon, an incubus, ever since his rage stole his humanity. But is it rage, or regret, that keeps him trapped in the demon realm? He longs for his long lost wife, but also craves the woman he haunts most nights: Kerrigan.

This was my first Shiloh Walker book and I’m beyond impressed with her writing skill. She floored me a few times with her beautiful flow of words, imagery, emotion and titillating sex scenes. 

I did have a few issues with the novella, such as being confused with the frequent jumping between past and present, and the abandonment of the main character along the way. But, overall I was more than impressed and taken along for a ride that stimulated all my senses. Though I was satisfied with the ending, the epilogue sealed the deal for me. I don’t usually like epilogues, but this one fit perfectly and pulled together the entire book, leaving me with a smile.

If you enjoy paranormal romances that are spicy, but have depth to the plot, you won’t want to miss Nebulous by Shiloh Walker. The strong theme of ‘love conquers’ all will touch your heart.

4 1/2 Tea Cups!

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