Friday, June 11, 2010

Review: Baumgartner Generations: Janie by Selena Kitt

Baumgartner Generations: Janie by Selena Kitt

Publisher: eXcessica Publishing
Genre: Menage Romance

Heat Rating: 4


Warning: This title contains  mff menage and ff sex.


The Baumgartner series continues, this time exploring Janie’s world as she moves to New York to try to make it as a writer, all the while serving as part-time lover in a polyamorous relationship with Veronica and TJ and full-time nanny to their daughter, Beth. Janie’s life is already incredibly full when she—literally—runs into an agent one morning who sees great potential in her—and not just as a writer. As Janie’s relationship with Josh blooms and her career takes off, Ronnie’s happy surprise turns into a problem that even a vacation in a mountain cabin with the Baumgartners can’t fix, throwing everyone’s life off-kilter. Janie, especially, is spread thin, trying to please everyone while keeping Josh from finding out the true nature of her relationship with her benefactors. She knows she has to tell him eventually, but fear holds her back. Will she lose him? Will she be forced to make an impossible choice? Or will she, perhaps, find that the capacity for the human heart to love is, indeed, endless?

Angelique’s Review

After reading “Baumgartner Generations: Janie” by Selena Kitt, I’m having a hard time putting words together. If I could, I’m sure that “wickedly sexy,” “deliciously complicated” and “an erotic masterpiece” would span the top of the page. Ms. Kitt expertly weaves a tale that is as realistic as it is compelling. It is truly amazing to watch as the story of Janie and Josh unfolds before your eyes.

The lesson in this book is that your heart is big enough to love more than one person. The way the author introduces it in the prologue and then re-introduces it later in the story is clever and brings Janie full circle. Not only will the reader walk away with a healthy dose of sexual tension to bleed off, but also a level of understanding. This book is by no means geared towards anyone who does not possess an open mind.

I would like to close by offering a warning – do not read this book unless you are reasonably close to your significant other, have a large class of ice water to dump on yourself or keep another type of fire extinguisher handy.

5 Tea Cups and a Recommended Read!

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