Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Review: Human with a Twist by Louise Delamore

Human with a Twist by Louise Delamore

Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Genre: Paranormal Romance

Heat Rating: 2



Betrayal and a broken heart have made Zaralyn determined to avoid romance at all costs. A chance rescue outside a nightclub by the mysterious Gideon Nite challenges her resolution and her heart.

Gideon is attracted to Zaralyn from the moment he sees her, but how can he prove he’s worth trusting when he has so much to hide? What starts out as simple attraction spirals out of control when it becomes clear their lives are in danger. Because nothing is simple – even Gideon isn’t what he seems. He is a human with a twist – one of those who for centuries have been misunderstood and labeled ‘Vampyre’.

How can she love a man who isn't a man at all, especially when a killer is marking them for death?

Kylie’s Review

Human with a Twist disregards conventional Vampyre myths and makes a daring attempt at something new. Louise Delamore invites you into a world full of danger, intrigue, and a little romance. And while vampyres may exist in her world, they are far from creatures of the night; instead they are nothing more than Humans with a Twist.

Zaralyn, after having been cheated on by one too many boyfriends, has given up on men. While Gideon, mild mannered businessman, is living a simple life, and occasionally looking for a willing donor. When they meet sparks fly and so do fists. While the main story is the romance between Gideon and Zaralyn, there are sub plots that delve into everything from corporate espionage, friendship, to the loss of a parent.

While initially all the of sub plots bring a level of intrigue that leaves you dying to know what happens next; ultimately there are too many of them that never get fully explored leaving the story feeling unfinished. While the characters are realistic, there are times when the dialogue feels stiff and formal, especially between Zaralyn and her best friend Caroline.

While not the usual vampyre lore, there is non-stop action, and some charmingly quirky dialoge that makes you laugh at unexpected moments.

2 1/2 Tea Cups!


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