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Review: Serena by Tiffany Parker

Serena by Tiffany Parker

Publisher: Red Rose Publishing
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Heat Rating: 2



Everything about twenty year old Serena James made Elray Carter male model extraordinaire want to get to know her better. She's smart, sexy, beautiful and one hell of a street motorcycle racer.

One look at her and he was hooked. It didn't matter that she was from the wrong side of the tracks. No, Serena wasn't like the models and high maintenance woman he usually dated. She cared more about cars and motorcycles than clothes and make up. His money didn't impress her and she didn't have an agenda to rope him into marriage. What a woman and he is determined to have her.

Serena isn't interested in any man, much less an outrageously handsome, rich, arrogant one used to getting everything he wanted. What she wanted was to escape the circumstances of her existence, poverty. Motorcycles were her life. Even more important they provided the means for her to succeed and achieve her goals. Her chance meeting with Elray Carter threatened her resolve because he touched her in a way she never thought possible.

Will Elray prove to be her knight riding in on a Suzuki GSXR 1000, or will he be just another obstacle for her to overcome?

Desmond’s Review

Serena James, a woman in her early twenties, loves motor sports and is a better rider and mechanic than most men. Although she comes from working class stock, she falls for rich business order, Elray Carter.

While extremely competent in her own field, she is naive in matters of the heart and still virginal. Ms. Parker sets up a perfect storm of a romance, between two completely unequal characters, except for their humanity. Serena is rich in characters, from the main two, mentioned above, to secondary characters figuring prominently in the plot. Elray's brothers and the rest of his family act as the bedrock for his exploits and Serena’s mother, her boyfriend and Serena’s biological father take center stage to add to the mechanics of the story line.

Most of the book is really about Elray and Serena finding common ground in their relationship and learning how to be open with each other. Many devices in Serena are like a soap opera, such that the characters’ worlds each become center stage as plot points develop.

Ms. Parker command of the language moves the story quite well and the main concern I had was in some of the dialog. Some arguments resolved in only a few lines with but one objection, while others moved between chapters as major areas of contention for the characters.

Serena is a rich story of two families, one urbane and the other somewhat unsophisticated, each trying to make their way in the world. The clash between these worlds is the story of Serena and the melding between them a hopeful objective.

Serena is a good read, a fun journey as you watch the personalities, revolve around each other and attempt to resolve their issues, which are real issues in more than a few families.

Desmond’s quote: “Serena by Tiffany Parker is worth the acquisition to your library. The author presents issues and works admirably to show just resolutions and allow her characters to show different sides of the same coin with the perspectives of two dissimilar families.”

4 Tea Cups!

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