Friday, June 25, 2010

Review: The Wolf's Den by Aileen Harkwood

The Wolf’s Den by Aileen Harkwood

Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Genre: Paranormal Romance

Heat Rating: 2



Waking with amnesia in a body made for sin, Luka is a woman with an identity crisis. Not only doesn't she know her last name, why can't she remember the intense stranger with wolfen eyes who makes her want to howl with sexual hunger? Why has he accused her of a gruesome murder she knows she didn't commit?

Griffin is a wolf in mourning, sworn to bring his mate's killer to justice. His beloved Anya has just died of the bloodsong, a ritual magic forbidden among his people, in which the wolf can be called out in anyone, even humans such as Anya, who can't survive the transformation. How is it, then, that when he looks into her killer's eyes he sees not a murderess, but his own mysterious destiny?

LynnMarie’s Review

Aileen Harkwood did a wonderful job of creating vivid, realistic imagery in The Wolf’s Den. I felt as if I were experiencing the story first hand, along with the characters.

Luka wakes up with no memory of who she is, only bits and pieces of memories that hold no meaning for her. It’s the ruggedly handsome, Griff, that informs her that she murdered his beloved mate. Luka doesn’t feel like a murderer, but can’t be sure with no recollection of her past.

Together they begin a journey, to escape a ruthless enemy, and to bring Luka in for judgment by their leaders. During the trip, Luka has many flashbacks making her identity crisis worse than ever. Our hero and heroine are aware of their growing affection for each other, but Griff continually holds back, not wanting to betray his murdered mate.

This was an excellent paranormal romance, mostly because of the author’s fluid, poetic writing style. Though I could guess the outcome from early on, it still made for an entertaining read. Who doesn’t want to read about true love conquering death?

Though emotions run high in this novella, it was not overly sexual, with only one mild sex scene later in the book. The Wolf’s Den doesn’t need erotic material as a crutch because it’s an entertaining read on its own. The characters and dialogue were realistic and enjoyable. Great job!

4 1/2 Tea Cups!

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Leigh D'Ansey said...

What a great review. Congratulations Aileen!

Aileen Harkwood said...

Just found this wonderful review. My first ever. Thank you, LynnMarie and HEA. And thank you Leigh!


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