Friday, July 2, 2010

Review: Confessions of a Liberal Lover by E.M. Muller

Confessions of a Liberal Lover by E.M. Muller

Publisher: Red Rose Publishing
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Heat Rating: 2



Confessions of a Liberal Lover is the story of a woman named Maud, who is convinced that the secret to happiness lies in finding a virile, incredibly handsome man like the ones she has read about in her beloved historical romance novels. Complicating her search is the emotional baggage she carries from a less than perfect relationship with her father, her decidedly liberal political views and the fact her most trusted friend and advisor is a talking statue of a gargoyle. Maud’s sexual encounters not only add spice, but help define the personalities of the conservative Republicans she invariably takes as lovers—as well as the terms of her relationship with them.

Kylie’s Review

E.M. Muller's Confessions of a Liberal Lover is poignantly funny from start to finish. Not just a story of finding the right guy, but of finding oneself.

After failing to live up to expectations one too many times, Maud leaves home at 19. She is thrust into the world of full time work, part times school, and one disastrous relationship after another. Which includes such enjoyable calamities as receiving a rifle instead of a ring, a delightfully disastrous wedding, and the most perfectly comical divorce. Along for the ride is Maud's pet gargoyle, who dispenses wisdom, advice, and wit, all rolled into one. Maud's gargoyle steadfastly refuses to let her give up on herself or settle for less than she deserves. Forget the fairy godmothers, ladies; what we all really need is a gargoyle.

Maud's sexual encounters run the gambit from Young Republicans, mishaps with the missionary position, to riding cowboys, and much more. From faking orgasms to fellatio, nothing is taboo. While never explicit, Muller's frank honesty and witty portrayal of sex will have you laughing with delight and cringing in understanding.

With a sassy and smart heroine, and a gargoyle that's part fairy godmother and part Jiminy Cricket, Confessions of a Liberal Lover is the perfect book for any girl who ever felt overshadowed by a sibling, misunderstood by a parent, or turned herself inside out for a guy.

5 Tea Cups!

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