Thursday, July 29, 2010

Review: Kennel Time by Cherry Lee

Kennel Time by Cherry Lee

Publisher: eXcessica Publishing
Genre: BDSM Romance

Heat Rating: 3



Sometimes a girl just needs a little petting…and maybe a spanking with a rolled up newspaper.

Sabrina is a workaholic corporate lawyer whose staff considers her a real pit bull. Little do they know about the bitch in her waiting to be awakened. When she meets Brian at a friend’s wedding, the photographer sees the suppressed submissive side in her eyes. His dominating personality brings her inner puppy out to play.

The two engage in some serious master/pet role playing and Sabrina’s inhibitions and stress evaporate under Brian’s command. She comes to crave the release his training gives her. But when they attend an extreme erotic party, Sabrina sees herself with fresh eyes and begins to question the role she has so easily accepted. Can she balance her real world persona with her desire to be caged and humiliated?

Warnings: This title contains puppy play, tail plugs, whipping, discipline, caging, and much doggy-style sex.

Wendy’s Review

Kennel Time is a story about a lawyer who worked hard to be just as good, no she had to be better, than any man in her field. The pressure of being the best has caused Sabrina to repress her true sexual feelings of wanting to be mastered.

Sabrina had dappled in BDSM and has hidden it from all the people who knew her. Attending her college friend’s wedding, she meets a man who wasn't what she would call her type, but from the very first command she had the urge to let him take the lead and be his submissive.

Brian was taking photos at the wedding of Sabrina's friend. He wasn't looking for another pet. But seeing Sabrina he saw a woman who needed to be mastered. She needed the release from all the pressure of her life and he would give her that. From the first order he found her intriguing. She obeyed without questions.

Brian showed her that giving up control and becoming his puppy, literally, and that through humiliation, punishment, praise and loyalty she was able to be the woman she craved. Going into animal mode, Sabrina found the release of her everyday pressure. She didn't have to make decisions; that was taken from her. All she had to do was exist for the pleasure of her master and through all this she gains control of the life she truly wants.

Through pictures and Brian’s persistent orders, Sabrina was able to realize that to be her true self she would gladly give Brian everything not to release her back to her world of nothing.

This story is beyond anything I could have ever imagined. It held my attention and gave me a true insight to a part of BDSM that I have never seen or read. Cherry's description was so methodical, it felt as if I was there with Sabrina and Brian through their discovery of becoming master and pet.  Great job, Cherry!

5 Tea Cups!

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