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Review: Knight's Woman by Mina Carter and Kurt Drake

Knight's Woman by Mina Carter and Kurt Drake

Publisher: Liquid Silver Books
Genre: Sci-Fi Romance

Heat Rating: 2



The United Terran Colonies are under attack. Desperate for pilots to combat the enemy raiders the Fleet puts out an all pilots call, hoping to fill their empty fighter squadrons. A call ignored by ex-con Radha Kaden, who figures she doesn’t owe anyone anything. Since a pilot’s life expectancy is slightly less than that of your average lemming, she steers well clear.

Then a bar brawl violates the terms of her release and she has a choice. Go back to Acheron, the harshest prison facility in the combined systems, or pilot a fighter…

Thanks to high casualty rates Wing Commander Davin McAvoy constantly needs new pilots. Dead men can’t fly Valkyries nor can they protect the base or her crew. When he’s told he’s getting that rarest of creatures—an experienced pilot—he’s ready to throw a party. Until he finds out not only is his new pilot an ex-con but she’s a woman too. Both unforgiveable sins in Davin’s book.

Until he meets her and sparks that have nothing to do with the war fly…

Ren’s Review

Davin McAvoy is the cold, no-nonsense and by-the-book Wing Commander of a Military Fleet Squadron that is in desperate need of fighter pilots. His world consists of strict order and complete obedience. All of that is thrown into total chaos when his new fighter pilot arrives.

Radha Kadan is a one-woman wrecking machine. She’s an ex-con with killer flight skills and the hot-tempered attitude to back it up. Life has taught her from an early age not to depend or trust anyone.
From the moment they meet, their strong personalities clash until Davin finds the secret to Radha’s heart.

I really enjoyed Knight’s Woman for several reasons. The action scenes clearly showcased the authors’ attention to detail. While I was reading them, I actually felt like I was in the cockpit of one of those fighters, ducking and dodging laser blasts and alien warships. The developing relationship between Davin and Radha was exceptionally tender as with each revealing layer, the reader could clearly see how they become emotionally entwined. The supporting characters, with their diverse personalities, round out the story nicely.

I found the heat factor between Davin and Radha to be based more on their emotional connection than the sex itself. The love scenes are very heartfelt.

Since this is the first novel in the series, I am definitely going to keep an eye out for the next one. Over all, I give Knight’s Woman 4 Tea Cups.

4 Tea Cups!

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