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Review: Long Time Gone by Meg Benjamin

Long Time Gone by Meg Benjamin

Publisher: Samhain Publishing
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Heat Rating: 2



A future with the woman of his dreams is within his grasp…if the past will stay that way.

Konigsburg, Texas , Book 4

Erik Toleffson wasn’t looking to become Chief of Police. He’s got enough trouble trying to rebuild his relationship with his three brothers who, until just recently, ran the other way when he approached. He’s not the bully they grew up with, but bad memories are tough to overcome.

Morgan Barrett is as worn out as a vat full of crushed grape skins. She never planned to run Cedar Creek Winery, but there’s no one else to shoulder the load as her father recovers from an injury. All she needs is a little sleep. Just a five-minute nap in the booth at the Dew Drop Inn…if that guy across the bar would stop staring at her as if putting her head down on the table is a crime.

After Morgan yawns in Erik’s face, there’s nowhere to go but up. With time, though, their relationship warms like a perfectly blended Bordeaux. Until the shady mayor digs into Erik’s past and dredges up information that could drive a permanent wedge between him and his brothers—and sour any chance of a future with Morgan.

Contains hot sex with mango sherbet, crooked politicians, yuppy bikers, Bored Ducks, and a Maine Coon Cat with attitude.

Wendy’s Review

Long Time Gone is a story that brings you into the life of a family that has good times and bad. Morgan came home not expecting to find love, but to help while her father recovers, and to prove to him that she could be an asset to the winery.

Erik comes to south Texas after his brothers move there to start their family. The last thing on his mind is finding love. He had to prove to himself and his brothers that he changed. Erik and Morgan's life intertwines as they fight their inner emotions. Erik helps Morgan when she gets hurts and starts to invistigate what is happening in his town as he is temporary police chief...and so the fanatasy begins, sexual tension building into a relationship.

The setting is a small community, and most decisions and discussions are made at the Dew Drop, where everyone knows everyone. There is corruption; and slowly but surely it is taken out. Through the dangers of corruption two people come together and start a life.

Long Time Gone is a story that keeps you hanging on and makes you wonder what will happen next. After reading this one I will go back and read the sequel leading up to this book. The characters are so true to life. Even though it is a sequel, it can be read alone.

4 Tea Cups!

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Erotic Horizon said...

Thanks for your thoughts on this book - I am alway intrigued by reviewers opinon on a series that I love...

I would love to hear if your impression of this book changes as and when you get the time to catch up on the other three books in the series..

Personally - the draw of this series for me is the small town , the characters and Benjamins sarcastic humour...



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