Thursday, July 1, 2010

Review: A Second Chance at Forever by Liz Strange

A Second Chance at Forever (Dark Kiss Trilogy, #2) by Liz Strange

Publisher: Lyrical Press
Genre: Paranormal Romance

Heat Rating: 2



Forever is a long time to live without love.

After enduring a sequence of tragic events, Rachel is forced to start over without her beloved Giovanni. Relocation to San Francisco with vampires Eli and Charles is the second chance at life she feels she needs.
With the help of immortal allies, Rachel, Eli and Charles initiate a brutal showdown with the Desmarais, avenging Giovanni’s death and removing the threat to all vampire kind.
But after making the most unexpected discovery, she knows lines have been crossed and things may never be that same for any of them.

Yadkny’s Review

In this second installment in the Dark Kiss Trilogy, we find ourselves back in San Francisco with Rachel as she desperately attempts to reconcile and justify her feelings for Eli all the while dealing with the grief over losing Giovanni.

Eli struggles to convince Rachel that her miserable existence doesn’t have to continue and he is prepared to wait until she is ready. Eli has also been leading somewhat of a double life, but is prepared to walk away from it if Rachel opens her heart to him.

Charles remains an ally for Rachel and Eli as they try to continue a normal existence and stay ahead of their pursuers. Several new characters are also thrust into the mix adding more depth to the story as sub plots emerge. Emotions run high as they all come together to prepare for a battle to end the threat to vampires worldwide.

Although the story dragged in the beginning, the addition of the new characters was refreshing and effectively added more to the story to hold the readers attention. The ending felt right and leaves the reader with a good impression of what is to come in this, by all accounts, amazingly unique vampire story. I again eagerly await the next installment!

4 Tea Cups!

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