Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Review: Surrender to Sanctuary by Leah St. James

Surrender to Sanctuary by Leah St. James

Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Heat Rating: 2



A young woman is brutally murdered, her body dropped into the sea and carried by the tides onto the beach at a federal park at the Jersey Shore. Hometown investigators believe the woman simply partied too hard and fell overboard, but FBI Agents David Owens and Anna Parker know better.

David and Anna trace the victim's path from a local adult club to a dangerous and shadowed world that forces them under cover, into performances that awaken their own desires, and draw them closer to the killer. Soon they are racing against a clock set by an unknown enemy, compelled to carry out a plan that not only jeopardizes their lives, but tests their very beliefs, and their newfound love.

Lena’s Review

A body has been found in the sea and the way it has been found is something worth looking into. The woman shows signs of sexual violence and this is something that the police cannot just swipe under the files. They bring in the toughest and baddest agents Anna Parker and FBI Agent David Owens. Anna Parker definitely knows this kind of crime for her career is on sexual crimes and knowing a young woman died because of this is just wrong. Anna has grown up in a world that will shock David Owens and her coworkers. The thing is that in order to bring the criminals in, she has to teach David a world that he is not comfortable with. Girls are known to party a lot but this is a party that Anna knows should never have happened. The mission was to teach David to be comfortable in the BDSM world, not to give her heart to him. Can she find the real criminal in these sexual parties before she loses David?

FBI agent David Owens is a man who takes his job seriously and works thoroughly. The thing is, his parents just passed away, and he is still not ready for real action work. Yet he knows that someone out there is hurting young women in a way no woman should be harmed. So it comes as a surprise that his partner is beautiful, sexy and luscious Anna Parker. He’s known her career in sexual crimes and she is fit for the job. Going into this job as undercover agents was supposed to be easy, not complicated the way it is turning into right now. All he knows is that he must learn a life that is not easy for him but somehow comes easily to Anna. He knows Anna is hiding something but he’s not sure what it is, only that somehow it involves a different world unlike his. Can he convince Anna that any world with her is the best one for him?

Leah St. James has created a story that will take your breath away, yet also teach you a lesson. Anna Parker is a woman who works in a career of sexual crimes and knows that there’s more than just vanilla sex. I loved the way she introduced straight-laced David Owens into this world. This guy is definitely hot, but once he learns about BDSM, he is hotter and wicked. These two together were great and Leah did a great job in not making it ugly, but tasteful. Not only did she do it tastefully, but she really showed her readers a world that not many people really know between two lovers. Great job, and definitely one of my authors to read from now on.

4 Tea Cups!

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Leah St. James said...

Thanks so much for the review, Lena! I enjoyed playing the straight-laced David against the all-knowing Anna. :-)

I appreciate your kind words, and the time you took to read the book and comment!

Have a great day!


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