Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Interview with a Publisher - Evernight Publishing


What type of books will you be publishing?

We publish all sub-genres of romance, erotic romance, and urban fantasy.

Is there a charge to authors to get published?

Never!  We're a royality paying e-publisher.  Authors earn 40% royalties. 

Will the author's work be edited?

Of course.  Our editors are well trained with the goal of making the manuscript shine.

Do you create your own cover art?

No way.  We leave that to the professionals!  All our cover art will be top grade and eye catching.  Authors will have some say when they fill in the cover art sheet.  In fact, I believe our first covers may show up on the site next week. 

Will you send the author's book to review sites?

Yes!  Our review coordinator will send out the finished PDF to many review sites, including Happily Ever After Reviews, of course.  :)

Where can authors find more information about submitting their work?

Authors can visit our WEBSITE.  There are contact emails and submission guidelines available.  We're also having a Writing Contest in hopes of  finding new talent.  Information on the contest can be found on the website.

Thank you for the interview today, Evernight Publishing.  I look forward to reviewing books by your authors!


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