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Review: Badcock by Debra Glass

Badcock by Debra Glass

Publisher: Ellora’s Cave
Genre: Historical Romance

Heat Rating: 4



When her fiancé trades her for an heirloom ring to a dashing highwayman who holds up their coach on a desolate country road, Sophia Astley is hurt and shocked. However, it soon becomes strikingly apparent to Sophia that she is the true gem Bad Jack sought. Intrigued, she willingly submits to every tantalizing taboo he metes out to her.

Dressed as a masked highwayman, Jack Badcock, Earl of Stafford, thinks he is acting out the fantasies of a woman he knows only through lurid letters. As Jack tames her with blindfolds, sensual spankings and an array of torrid toys, she plays her role as the abducted, submissive virgin convincingly—too convincingly. By the time Jack uncovers his fantasy lover’s true identity, it’s far, far too late.

Wendy’s Review

Sophia Astley was about to start a life with a man that she was certain wasn't going to be what she craved. Wanting a more physical engagement, Sophia wanted Ralph Crichton, Duke of Wisbech, to show more emotion. Ralph didn't know what had gotten into his wife-to-be Sophia, but he will refuse to let her become a harlot and embarrass him.

Jack Badcock was a man with a past. People talked about all the escapades of his youth, and to tell the truth, they didn't lie about him. Dressed as a highwayman, Jack kidnapped Sophia thinking that she was another woman. Even though he told himself she was who he thought, things didn't add up. Taken into the woods to a cottage, he taught Sophia everything she craved. The sex was rough and Sophia enjoyed every minute of the spankings especially. For a maiden she wasn't shy; however she was apprehensive about some of the things he asked, or better yet demanded of her. It was the best two days of captivity she could dream of.

Sophia knew what was expected of her even though she knew marriage to Ralph wasn't what she wanted or craved, it was her duty. Jack wasn't willing to give up his agreement for marriage, but he wanted Sophia to be his mistress and on her wedding day a second kidnapping occurred. Sophia, by her wedding day, was willing to agree to anything that Jack wanted to get out of this arranged marriage.

Sexual tension builds between the two lovers but the danger outside their cabin still exists, and until they both were attacked and almost killed did Jack realize that nothing was worse than losing Sophia. Sophia realized that whatever Jack offered was enough just to be together.

This story contains intense sex scenes with several toys in play. Exotic sex scenes were performed that had you holding your breath and thinking that maybe you were missing something. Love, sex, and danger are a great mix in this story.

5 Tea Cups!

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Debra Glass said...

Thank you for the wonderful review! I'm glad you enjoyed Badcock.

Felicia the Geeky Blogger said...

Great Review! I am glad that you enjoyed it!


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