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Review: Forced Alliance by Aubrey Ross

Forced Alliance by Aubrey Ross

Publisher: Ellora’s Cave
Genre: Sci-Fi Romance

Heat Rating: 3



Intimate Invasion, Book Three

This series is an independent spinoff of the Crimson Carousel series.

Genetic manipulation and generations of selective breeding have created a race of hybrids more ferocious than any the Froswick or Terran dimensions have ever faced before. The only hope of defeating these creatures is to strengthen the alliance between Nac O’te warriors and Earth’s Paranormal Elite.

Rhys approaches Arabel hoping to outline the new alliance, but she turns him away. She will protect her dimension and he should do the same. Infuriated by her arrogance, Rhys summons Javier, a reformed Setti hybrid who has been specifically engineered for seduction and virility. Javier takes Arabel captive and launches an erotic campaign on her senses. In the arms of this feral hybrid, Arabel learns the pleasure of surrender and the true meaning of leadership.

Reader Advisory: The very vicious and naughty Sylina makes a return appearance inForced Alliance. As always, whenever Sylina is around, sexual interaction takes on new dimensions, and one man will learn the enjoyment of m/m/f under her tutelage.

Angelique’s Review

“Forced Alliance” is another trip into the science fiction romance series, Intimate Invasion. Ms. Ross outdoes herself this time, bringing more clarity and conflict to the already complex world.

I liked the heroine Arabel much better than Adara in the previous story. She was much stronger and more dominant as the leader of the Nac O’te. I could appreciate and understand her having that much authority and responsibility, but still having a desire to be dominated. The only problem was the Arabel’s name was too similar to the heroine of the last story, leaving me to confuse them a few times. I also have to admit, I was sad to see Sylina go.

The setting was much more vivid and important in this story than in the previous one. Span across multiple dimensions, Ms. Ross creates intricate habitats for her amazingly diverse species of creatures.

“Forced Alliance” is a great addition to the Intimate Invasion series. I look forward to the next one!

4 Tea Cups!

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