Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Review: Getting Naughty by Kristin Daniels

Getting Naughty by Kristin Daniels

Publisher: Ellora’s Cave
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Heat Rating: 3



Tara North is tired of her husband’s workaholic tendencies, tired of not being a priority. And very tired of the lack of action in their bedroom. So she sits in the company parking lot, impatiently waiting for his coworkers to vacate the building. Why? To seduce her husband, of course.
Tara’s going to get their sex life back on the fast track to Blissville. As she strips for him, Tara issues a challenge—how many times can Jared make her come before the cleaning crew reaches his office?
There’s only one way to find out. It’s time for Jared to really get to work.

Lena’s Review

Tara North has not seen her husband for days. Sure he comes home, sleeps and eats, but that’s all she has seen of him. The last couple of years it has been fun and exciting being married to Jared. Yet she feels the excitement is gone, somewhere hidden still in their lives. Jared is definitely a workaholic and determined to get his business done which is just one of the things Tara loves the most about him. Though he’s a workaholic she is a woman who has needs. She has needs and desires that a man like Jared can only fulfill in every way and possibly in any place. On a dare, Tara is about to do something she has never done in their marriage so far. A dare that can either fail or be a success, and she prays that it will be a success. This is something that will show exactly how much she cares for Jared.

Jared loves his job but lately he is feeling lonely and frustrated. He is working on a big merger and knows that the end is near. He is still fairly newly married to Tara and feels guilty. Tara is a beautiful woman with more than enough sexiness from him to handle in his life. Seeing her tonight just proves to him how passionate of a woman she is…and wild. He never expected to see her like this, a woman determined to get whatever she wants no matter the place or time. Jared always knew Tara had a side of spontaneity but loves how wild she is getting right now. Can he fulfill her every desire in a night like this knowing how risky the situation is right now?

Oh my God! Kristin Daniels has done it again in a hot, passionate, and wild night of a story. I couldn’t decide who I loved the most, Tara or Jared. Heck, both of them were hot, and man the risk of getting caught was there all the way. I loved that Tara was determined to make her man see she is horny in a way that only he can satisfy. Now Jared, wow, for a man who is a workaholic he sure knows how to let loose. So much passion in this book and man the risks make it hotter than ever. Though it is short, it sure packed a big punch in making it exciting all the way to the end. Get it and a bucket of ice, for Kristin sure has a very dirty, naughty, and oh-so-fun imagination.

4 Tea Cups!

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Armenia said...

Great review and thanks for the recommendation. I loved Kristin Daniel's Nameless Surrender. Whew, was that steamy!

Tibby Armstrong said...

I love everything Kristin Daniels has written, and "Getting Naughty" is no exception! Armenia, "Nameless Surrender" just about set me on fire when I was reading it--I agree!

Tibby Armstrong


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