Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Review: Leopard Dreams by Mary Alice Pritchard

Leopard Dreams by Mary Alice Pritchard

Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Genre: Paranormal Romance

Heat Rating: 2



Zack is a were-jaguar, first to be king of the southern pride, and in Kristen he's found his true mate. But is she part of the experiments the humans are performing on weres? Or is she innocent? Will he have to fight his best friend and the king to possess her?

Kristen is a were-leopard searching for her brother. She doesn't need, or want, a mate--especially not a jaguar. Despite all of Zack's efforts, she refuses to acknowledge him. Will she learn to trust Zack? Or will she run away to escape her past and Zack's love?

Yadkny’s Review

Zack is a were-jaguar and the right-hand weir to the pard king. After helping his pard king find his true mate and dealing with the trouble that ensued thereafter, Zack never thought he would find his own true mate and have to deal with the trouble that came along with her. Kristen is a were-leopard on the hunt for her missing brother. She’s an alpha in her own right and doesn’t want or need anyone. Now she is far from home and working for the enemy in an effort to get closer to her brother’s location in order to rescue him.

Zack and Kristen’s paths cross when he goes to investigate an unannounced weir living just outside the pard’s land boundaries. When Zack sees Kristen he immediately senses she’s his true mate, but he holds back since he can’t fully trust her. Kristen, much to her frustration, gives in to Zack’s sexual advances and can’t seem to stop herself when he comes back for more. Kristen realizes she needs the pard’s help in order to free her brother and Zack realizes the pard needs Kristen’s help in order to free the other weir that are being held captive with her brother. They decide to work together. Eventually Zack let’s his feelings known and declares to Kristen that they are mates, but she struggles with the concept. Now he’s out to prove to her that they belong together.

I absolutely loved this book! Ms. Pritchard does an outstanding job pulling together a story that captured my attention from beginning to end. The passion between the main characters was deep and intense. The action was suspenseful with just enough blood and battle to keep it fitting to the scenes. The emotions were raw and became very real to me. A definite must read for anyone looking for a terrific shifter story and a definite re-read once you’ve read it. I am now a follower of Ms. Pritchard’s work.

Side Note: Leopard Dreams can be read as a stand alone, but Jaguar Nights is set before this one and I would recommend reading it first. I fully intend to go back and read that one as well.

5 Tea Cups!

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