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Review: Love's Learning Curves by Diana DeRicci

Love’s Learning Curves by Diana DeRicci

Publisher: Purple Sword Publishing
Genre: Paranormal Romance

Heat Rating: 3



Dario Acardi has enough stress in his life. His family is hounding him to marry, his father wants him to take over as head of the pride, and his cousin needs to borrow the car. All he wants is a little peace.

Narrowly escaping another engagement his uncle deems as an "appropriate" showing for the coming heir of the Taja pride, he chaperones his cousin and date to the State Fair. The obvious problem is they don't want a chaperone and leave him in the dust to find his own entertainment. Except he finds himself standing behind a curvy brunette, and suddenly both he and his cougar are pacing like wild animals.

Sheridan Donovan is nursing a bruised heart and her brother and friends are driving her crazy with their coddling. What stung wasn't the break up. It was her ex's immediate engagement to a skinny friend.
But now that a certain cougar has decided she's the woman he needs, Dario has to convince her that what she believes isn't true at all. That size isn't what rules the heart. And perfection really is in the eye of the beholder.

Yadkny’s Review

Dario is an Alpha male in every sense of the word. He is the financial director at his father’s company and is the heir to the Taja cougar pride. Power, wealth, and status makes Dario an extremely valuable catch for a mate, but his families continued interference in his personal life has left him wanting to throw it all away, so he can be left in peace. He decides to shirk his duty for a day as heir to the pride and goes to the state fair under the guise of chaperone to his cousin and girlfriend. He never expected to get on the ride of his life with the most beautiful woman he has ever seen.

Sheridan has deep emotional wounds left by a couple of former boyfriends. Her brother and friends have branded her as fragile, so they treat her like she might break. All she wants is to forget the past and move on by graduating and start her career, but the past has reared it’s ugly head in the form of a wedding invitation. Sheridan’s ex-boyfriend is getting married to her friend and all because of an introduction in which she made. Two years of her life was given to that man and although Sheridan was the one to initiate the break up, he easily accepted. Sheridan’s physical appearance is to blame and it’s not the first time her figure has gotten in the way of happiness, but a ride on the Ferris wheel just might change that.

I absolutely loved this book! Diana DeRicci created a world that will swallow you up until the last page. There was predictability in its finest form with an extremely likable couple, but I never once found the storyline boring. I was completely captivated. I’m putting Dario and Sheridan into my list of all time favorite fictional couples. Sheridan’s emotional struggle to accept what Dario tells her was heartfelt and every woman will be able to sympathize. Body issues are common in real life and the way in which it is addressed in this story was amazingly well done. I walked away after reading this book feeling just a little bit better about my own self image and now the search is on to find my own Dario. He treats Sheridan like gold from the moment they met and the unpredictable shift of tenderness and greed that he possesses when he’s with her only adds to his appeal. The tender moments were sweet and romantic without being cheesy and the greedy moments were out of this world sexy. The ending is tied together so nicely I can only say that I want more. A must read and a must re-read and this being my first Diana DeRicci story, I am proud to say this won’t be my last.

5 Tea Cups and a Recommended Read!

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