Friday, August 13, 2010

Review: Wolf Island by Cher Gorman

Wolf Island by Cher Gorman

Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Heat Rating: 2



When ultra-conservative schoolteacher Abigail Chapel learns that her sister Miranda has disappeared while hunting ghosts on mysterious Wolf Island, she takes a leave of absence to continue the investigation in person.

Devlin Morgan, the reclusive owner of Morgan’s Keep, coolly turns away her inquiries, and the villagers, who respect Devlin, refuse to cooperate, as well. Worse still is her own unwanted attraction to him. Especially once she begins to suspect he’s involved with her sister’s disappearance and the mysterious “Chiming Ghost.”

In order to solve the mystery of her missing sister, she’ll also have to probe Devlin’s dark past, discover the truth about the “ghost.” and decide whether to trust the passion in her heart or play it safe and return to England. Whatever happens, she’ll never be the same when she leaves Wolf Island.

Tala’s Review

A lonely island, a remote castle, and a missing sister to be found. Add to that rain, fog, and secret passages, and you have the makings of really good story.

This story reminds me of the Victoria Holt and Phyllis A. Whitney novels I used to love so much when I was in school. Ms. Gorman has a wonderful way of telling a story. Dev is the tortured hero; and Abigail is the woman determined to save him from himself and anyone else who tries to hurt him. The characters intrigued me. I found myself rooting for them to overcome all the problems trying to keep them apart. You can't help wanting them to succeed and be happy together.

The characters are interesting. Devlin feels responsible for everything bad that happens on the island because of his past. Abby is determined to help him stop taking on problems that he can't help and be happy. She helps him stop living in the past, and as a result, it helps heal her own heart as well.

The story flowed very well. I was interested from the moment it started and couldn’t put it down. It will keep the reader interested. This is a very heartwarming contemporary romance that is sexy, sweet, and fun. I enjoyed it very much, and I am looking forward to reading more by Ms. Gorman.

4 Tea Cups!

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