Monday, August 30, 2010

Review: Z and the Fire Wolf by Tina Holland

Z and the Fire Wolf by Tina Holland

Publisher: Liquid Silver Books
Genre: Sci-Fi Romance

Heat Rating: 2



When the Phoenix Lunar Coven hires Maximillian Z to retrieve their most valued treasure from an evil skin-walker, they expect results. As a hardened mercenary hunted by his own clan, Z expects trouble but not the feelings evoked by Princess Tierra. Tierra is no ordinary witch, she’s a werewolf and a phoenix.

Tierra has gone into heat as with every cycle of the Lunar Eclipse. Even though she's mated, she must fulfill her duty. Z refuses to return Tierra and as every intention of keeping her for himself.

It's a race against the moon - for whoever kills the Firewolf on the Lunar Eclipse will inherit the powers of the Coven. With the skin-walker searching for Tierra and Z's clan chasing him will they make it before the eclipse? Or will it everything go up in flames for Z and the Firewolf?

Angelique’s Review

“Z and the Fire Wolf” is the third book in the Dealing with the Dead series. This short novella was my first introduction to this complex paranormal romance world. The phoenix is my favorite mythological creature so I figured that I could not go wrong.

Without reading the first two books in the series, I was at a disadvantage. It took me most of the story to figure out what was going on, leaving me with little connection to the characters.

I did like Tierra’s character. She was strong and went after what she wanted. Z was too moody and mysterious for my taste, but I like how the fire of their love changed them both.

While I was not very impressed with this story alone, I still may go back and read the first two in the series to see if it makes any more sense.

2 ½ Tea Cups!


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