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Triad (Anthology) edited by Selena Kitt

Triad (Anthology) edited by Selena Kitt

Publisher: eXcessica Publishing
Genre: Erotica

Heat Rating: 4



Welcome to a MENAGErie of sex in this steamy offering from the authors at eXcessica! The characters in these stories have all learned their kindergarten lessons—they share very well with others! From two men sharing her, to two women sharing him, and even all three men sharing each other, there’s a plethora of sex in this hot anthology with a dozen stories to make your flesh-sandwich dreams come true! Stories included by: Elliott Mabeuse, Emma Hillman, Giselle Renarde, Jack Osprey, Saskia Walker, Bekki Lynn, Selena Kitt, Darcy Sweet, Will Belegon, Dakota Trace, J.M. Snyder and Willson Rowe.

Warnings: This title contains graphic language, sex, menage, and some m/m, f/f content and one m/m/m story.

Desmond’s Review

Leave it to Selena Kitt to put together an anthology of juicy short stories, all with a threesome theme. She has gathered an even dozen, all by different authors, including one by her into a fascinating series of tales where every combination of threesome sex, between men and women, is deliciously woven into a feast of story telling.

Some tales have humor, some pathos and some strike to the heart, such as I’ll Be Your Superman by Ms. Kitt. Not to take anything away from the other eleven stories, but hers was the one which resonated the most with me.

All of these stories are worth reading; there is not a dud in the collection. As a PDF file, the twelve stories equal 347 pages, a nice sized tome for many hours of reading. One nice element of anthologies, they are perfect for picking up and putting down the book, between titles.

While some of the stories may have some disturbing elements, none were so severe as to dissuade this reader from enjoying the competent writing and story telling. At the end of each title, Ms. Kitt has included a short bio of each author, which, if you’re as inclined as I am, will use to seek additional material by your favorites.

Desmond’s quote: “It’s easy to like this anthology, as each story is well written and delivers its denouement competently. This is a perfect book to pick up when you have a short time to read, but want to feast on a complete tale. The characters are well realized, the story telling admirable and Ms. Kitt’s stewardship in bringing Triad to life, as skillful as always.”

4 Tea Cups!

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