Thursday, September 9, 2010

Review: Divine Turmoil by Rebecca Rose

Divine Turmoil by Rebecca Rose

Publisher: Lyrical Press
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Heat Rating: 2



Family drama and a sexy neighbor create divine turmoil.

A family illness draws Serena home to face issues she's avoided for years: an absent father, an ornery sister, and steamy neighbor Brian Allan.

With one broken marriage behind him, Brian can't believe he's falling for Serena. She's a risk on heels -- spirited but vulnerable, and utterly irresistible. He'd be crazy to give her a second glance. She'll break his heart. Or his bed. Probably both...

Content warning: This title contains strong emotional content and delicious sex. What more could you ask for?

Angelique’s Review

“Divine Turmoil” is a heartfelt and inspiring romance. Ms. Rose crafts this contemporary romance beautifully with characters that will wedge themselves into your heart.

I loved Serena and connected with her immediately!! She is hard, stubborn, and  stays sane by making light of things when she is nervous. Even though she is in pain, she feels that she has to hold the entire world up on her shoulders. And she is a redhead! Did you follow me around??

Brian is a hot and moody hero. He is a little too patient for my taste and I think the heroine would agree. He does make a very good friend and ally for Serena while she is going through the hardest time of her life.
This story is very character-driven and is highly emotional. Ms. Rose was able to expertly capture the pain, suffering, and hope that accompany a family member with cancer. I found myself tearing up several times, but didn’t want to stop reading.

The intimate scenes between the heroic couple could have been a little longer and more descriptive. Their first time didn’t feel as momentous as it could have been, especially after the chapters of sexual tension.
Overall, I really enjoyed “Divine Turmoil” and look forward to reading more from Ms. Rose.

4 1/2 Tea Cups!

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