Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Review: The Flintstone Experiment by Selena Kitt

The Flintstone Experiment by Selena Kitt

Publisher: eXcessica Publishing
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Heat Rating: 2



In a last ditch effort to save their marriage, Laura drags her husband, Rick, to a couples workshop.But Laura gets a little more than she bargained for when the workshop leader proposes a rather unorthodox experiment, leaving her helpless to her husband’s whims. She finds herself wondering, will her man be a caveman or a gentleman—and which one does she really want him to be?
Warnings: This title contains graphic language, sex, and mild elements of bdsm, domination and submission.

Kylie’s Review

Selena Kitt's, The Flintstone Experiment, was not what I expected, when I picked it out, but it is definitely worth a read. This novella takes you into the troubled marriage of Laura and Rick, and their last attempt to fix it. The two are taking a vacation to an island resort that is also hosting a marriage-counseling seminar. Right from the start you feel Laura's frustration, and her need for something to change, any change really, no matter how small would be a start. Rick on the other hand just wants Laura to be happy, and has no idea how to accomplish that, you see him trying and floundering time and again. With their marriage at its breaking point, the two of them need to decide if there is anything left worth fighting for or if they should just give up. Enter The Great Gazoo, also known as the leader of the seminar. His solution is very simple and very radical, and could be the very thing that they need to fix their marriage or it could be the catalyst for its destruction.

The characters Laura and Rick really resonate true to me. You can feel their anger and frustration with each other and the situation they have found themselves in. But underneath all their animosity we are given glimpses of the deep bond that they still share. With the exception of a few defensive comments, you really do not get a history of these two. You don't see how they fall in love or how the day to day of daily life has brought them to this point. You don't see any of that because ultimately it's not important. What is important is right now. If Laura and Rick can let go of the past mistakes, learn to listen to each other, and start over.

Selena Kitt has crafted an engaging story with characters that you can root for and bond with. Allowing for the fact that life and love is not perfect, but should not be so easily discarded because true love is hard to find. The Flintstone Experiment is the perfect novella for those of us who asked, "What happens after the prince and princess rode off into the sunset?"

4 Tea Cups!

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Sweet Vernal Zephyr said...

This one is especially interesting to me, a happily married woman. I wonder what the research was that went into this?


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