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Review: Hellfire by Kate Douglas

Hellfire by Kate Douglas

Publisher: Kensington Publishing
Genre: Paranormal Romance

Heat Rating: 2



A new, more dangerous vortex has opened in the besieged Earth and the innocent souls of animals are being invaded by the malevolent strength of a powerful demon. For Ginny Jones, there can be no greater wrong - and to make it right, she joins forces with the Lemurian, Alton, a hard-bodied hero not of her world.

Under a black moon, pitched battles for the survival of all that is good will be fought once more. The heat of their sensual passion emboldens the two warriors...but such passion may well betray them...Yet Alton is willing to make the ultimate sacrifice - life itself - for the human woman he loves. But time is fast running out...and time, like fire, devours all...

Tala’s Review

Ginny is a twenty something African American female with no close family ties and very few friends. She is used to providing for herself and taking care of her own problems. She isn't used to depending on anyone else.

Alton is a 7 feet tall Blond haired Lemurian warrior who chose to leave Lemuria, which is located in the center of Mount Shasta, in order to help fight the Demon incursion from Abyss. Alton comes a culture in which women were considered useful only for things like cooking, cleaning, keeping the household running, and keeping her husband satisfied. He is also an immortal who is over eleven thousand years old.

Alton and Ginny had met in the first book of the series Demonfire when he found her fighting for her life against a giant demon possessed concrete bear. Using his crystal sword, he destroys the statue and kills the demon that was using it. To help keep her safe, he hypnotized her and sent her to visit her aunt in Sedona, AZ, which is where we are now. Not knowing why she suddenly felt she had to visit her family, Ginny arrives and is immediately attacked by her cousin's demon possessed cat. Vaguely remembering something similar happening in her hometown the week before, she calls her best friend Eddy with questions. Alton arrives soon to help her out.

With demons taking over Sedona, Alton and Ginny travel back to Lemuria to try to get help with the fight. It is during this trip that Ginny finds out that she is descended from one of Lemuria's ancient women warriors. She is then gifted with her own crystal sword to use in the upcoming battles.

I absolutely love this book! Ms Douglas has created a unique world. The descriptions are vivid and detailed, and the characters are likeable. They fight and love with equal abandon as they feel their way through the relationship that develops.

Ms Douglas is an excellent writer. I found her through her Wolf Tales series and became a huge fan. This series has definitely not let me down.

With the addition of Hellfire, this is shaping up to be a killer new series, and one that is not to be missed.

5 Tea Cups and a Recommended Read!

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