Monday, September 20, 2010

Review: Reluctant Father by Margaret Tanner

Relunctant Father by Margaret Tanner

Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Heat Rating: 2



Jordan Stamford is allergic to babies. At the height of the Vietnam war, this jet-setting playboy, whose motto is ‘money can buy anything,’ arrives in Sarah Watson’s seaside home to redevelop a disused factory complex.

Sarah is the only child of an elderly minister of religion and adores her bay side home. She yearns for a loving husband and babies.

Will Jordan’s shameful family history, and Sarah’s desperate longing for a child, be an insurmountable barrier for them to overcome?

Wendy’s Review

Margaret Tanner wrote a great story and it was an entertaining story of two people who were total opposites in how to love and be loved.

Sarah Watson and Jordan Stamford met and sparks flew. They were also total opposites. She was angry because he was changing the small town that she lived in and loved the way it was. Sarah knew happiness went with love and that love was a gift from the heart not the pocketbook. Jordan thought his money could by happiness and love.

Jordan wanted Sarah and he was use to women who liked to be bought so he couldn't understand someone who thought of money as dirty. He knew dirt he grew up in dirt and filth and he swore that he would never again live that way again.

Sarah wanted marriage and children while Jordan wanted nothing to do with that. He saw what marriage and children did to people. Raised in filth and poverty, Jordan swore never to marry or have children.

Sarah's love wasn't enough for her to truly trust Jordan as a man. She knew that if she didn't hold her heart and love close, then she could lose both to him and have to live without love, marriage or children.

Reluctant Father was a story about two people struggling through a relationship of misunderstandings.

4 1/2 Tea Cups!

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Margaret Tanner said...

Hi Wendy,
Thank you so much for the great review, I really appreciate it.
Best wishes


Tom and Roxe Anne Peacock said...

I enjoyed your review about Reluctant Father. My husband was in the Vietnam war and is a disabled vet. Interesting concept, I had to have surgeries to have more children when I met my husband; he had none. He eventually adopted my first two after their biological father gave up his rights. I can relate to the book.

Margaret Tanner said...

Hi Roxe Anne,
Thank you so much for your comments. Well, you certainly don't need a hero out of a book, you married one.

Best wishes



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