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Review: Soft Focus by Lynn LaFleur

Soft Focus by Lynn LaFleur

Publisher: Ellora’s Cave
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Heat Rating: 3



Daphne Kemp is trying to get her life and finances back in order after her ex-husband left her with a huge debt. When her friend suggests she answer an ad to model for famous photographer Gerard Lynch, the lure of paying off some of that debt is too strong to resist.

One look at Gerard lures Daphne into more than modeling. She breaks her rules about one-night stands and younger men and spends a sex-filled evening with the handsome photographer.

Gerard never gets involved with his models, yet he is immediately drawn to Daphne. He has to find a way to break down the walls she’s erected around her heart to give them a chance at forever.

Kris’ Review

Soft Focus is a wonderfully written Quickie by Lynn LaFleur. It’s a story about what happens when two people overwhelmed by instant attraction have a one-night stand and wake up wanting so much more. Ms. LaFleur creates two believable and relatable characters in Daphne and Gerald.

Daphne Kemp’s ex-husband abandoned her in a towering mountain of debt, which is threatening to topple over her. This character is so relatable especially in this economy. At a friend’s urging, she decides to answer an ad to model for a famous photographer for $250.00/hr. She figures it would be easy money, if she can convince Gerald Lynch to let her model for him. Daphne sees herself as exactly what she is, a thirty-eight year old whose best friend is chocolate and definitely not gravity. Against her better judgment, Daphne sets up an interview with a ‘what the hell, why not’ attitude.

Gerald Lynch usually allows his assistant to interview the prospective models will he watches from a computer monitor set up in the sitting area of his hotel suite. He has chosen 20 men and 19 women so fair from the Dallas area. He likes to photograph local ‘regular people’ and refuses to use professional models. When Daphne shows up, as the last appointment of the day, Gerald is immediately drawn to her. When he sees her long flowing blond hair, sparkling green eyes and beautiful full breasts, he’s convinced he’s found his last 20th female model.

As Daphne models for Gerald with a younger male in some sexy lingerie in a bedroom scene, Gerald can’t help to wish it was him touching Daphne. Gerald’s mere touch to get Daphne into position for the best possible picture sends her heart racing and hardens her nipples.

But the last thing Daphne needs is a relationship. She learned the hard way with her ex-husband. She’s not about to let her attraction to Gerald lead to anything, when she knows he’ll be moving on in a few days anyway. Gerald has a strict, steadfast rule against getting involved with his models, but there is just something about Daphne that makes him want to reconsider. But as the shoot goes on, Daphne longs to be posing with Gerald and not the male model. There is just something so sexy about this French photographer that really gets under her skin.

After the shoot is done, Gerald procrastinates and gets rid of his two assistants so he can spend time with Daphne. Daphne hesitates at first because of the eight year age gap, but Gerald makes her feel so sexy and attractive that eventually she fails to notice it.

When Gerald orders room service and then shows up in the bedroom with five condom packets, Daphne teases him about overestimating his ability. However, he soon proves her wrong and they share some mind-blowing erotic steamy sex leaving both of them exhausted. So exhausted, they fall blissfully asleep sated beyond belief. Neither is ready for the interruption the next morning when Gerald’s assistant shows up for work.

Daphne leaves with bittersweet memories of the lovemaking. She knows that she’s just had the best sex of her life, and will never experience that same connection with any other man than Gerald. When Gerald lets her leave, he can’t help feeling he’s made the biggest mistake of his life by letting Daphne leave. Is one night of wild passionate lovemaking enough for both of them to move on with their lives, or is there a possibility at something more?

You’ll have to read Soft Focus, to find out. Soft Focus is a hot steamy erotic love story that will rock your socks off. It earns four and a half Tea Cups and a steamy heat rating of 3.

4 1/2 Tea Cups!

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