Saturday, September 18, 2010

Reviewer Interview with LynnMarie

Over the next couple weeks you'll get to meet some of the HEA Reviewers.  Find out what makes them tick, and what they look for in a good book.

Our Interview Coordinator, Angelique, interviewed me today.

Reviewer Interview with LynnMarie

How did you get started reviewing books? What keeps you going?

I wanted to create a new place for authors and readers to share their love of books.  I love to read and share my opinions with others.  Assisting authors to promote their work is a passion of mine.

What are your favorite romance genres? Favorite authors?

I love a wide variety of fiction, but romance has to be my favorite.  While I really enjoy paranormal romance, I'm a sucker for great dialogue and well developed characters in any sub-genre.

How important are the book cover and blurb in choosing what you are going to review?

I admit that book covers can sway me to read a particular book.  If a cover captures my interest, then I'll read the blurb.  I can usually tell if I'll like an author's writing style from the first few pages or excerpt.

Do you have any preferences when it comes to the characters or relationships in the books you review? (ex. Hetero couple, strong heroine, alpha male, ménage, etc.)

I'll read any heat level from hetero couples to menages. If it's well written and engaging, the relationship type is secondary. I do like my alpha males, and smart, sassy heroines.  No matter what sub-genre, a bit of sarcastic humor goes a long way.

What is something that really catches your attention when you are reading, good or bad?

Dialogue that is realistic and snappy really pulls me into a story.  Those first few pages really need to capture my attention.  Books that begins with loads of backstory are a turn off.

What, in your opinion, makes a book a Recommended Read?

A recommended read is when you can't say enough good things about a book.  It's a book that I look forward to reading each day, and it manages to pull me out of reality and into the author's world. Whether it was the characters, plot, or romance, or everything combined—it stays with me and I'm excited to spread the word. A recommended read can really rekindle my love of reading!

When you are not reviewing romance novels, what else are you up to?

The review site keeps me very busy. Happily Ever After Reviews has definitely left its mark with authors and readers. During the day, I'm usually writing or editing.

I want to give a big thank you to all our HEA Reviewers.  They all work very hard to help authors spread the word, and give readers honest reviews.

You can find all my reviews in the Reviewer Search Menu on the sidebar.

Feel free to leave your questions or comments.

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Thanks for everything you and your team do for us authors :-)


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