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Review: Enthralled by Keena Kincaid

Enthralled by Keena Kincaid

Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Genre: Paranormal Romance

Heat Rating: 2



Druids of Duncarnoch Series

To claim her, he must abandon home, duty, and honor—or reveal the secret of her Sidhe heritage and risk losing her forever to dark magic…

William of Ravenglas wants only one woman—his foster sister, Ami—but she is promised to another, a fate sealed by his father’s recklessness. Resolved to her forfeiture, he forges a dangerous path to bring stability to the house of Ravenglas, balancing the secret demands of the queen against loyalty to the king.

Ami, true sister to Aedan ap Owen the minstrel, refuses her fate. She wants William. But when his kiss awakens her dormant magic, it triggers cascading events that sweep her into the queen’s fiendish web and threaten William’s life.

Now Ami must learn to control her fey powers or watch William die. But with a mystery lover in his past, even if she succeeds will he truly be hers?

Monica’s Review

Enthralled by Kenna Kincaid is a powerful story of magic. This magic is hard to explain on how they use it and how it makes them feel, but is fascinating. Kincaid does a wonderful job in the setting of this book in 12th Century England and how the rules were made for the characters to follow the King and Queens’s requests, no matter what. There are two characters in this book Amilia and William and how their love is impossible no matter how much they love each other and desire each other. Kincaid writes on how back in the 12th Century things were different from today when it comes to love and whom is chosen to marry whom; this is still done in some countries.

This story has it all love, danger, plot of murder, politics and much more. The more you read this book the more you want to just become part of it. Kincaid wrote a lot about the magic that certain characters have and it is amazing on how their magic is just so captivating. The feelings that a character possess all come out in a form of magic but it is just mind blowing. Amilia is a character that has lots of ambition and knows what she wants, is strong willed and will not let anyone tell her what to do. In the 12th Century this is something that was not supposed to happen especially from a young lady, you should do as you are told.

Williams is another character that is afraid to reveal what his true feelings are and what he wants. It is hard for him to hide is feeling but must do in order retain his status; it is not good for his family. Williams needs to follow his heart and not go by what was told by him, remember status and money is not every thing, if you renounce your true love you have nothing. Kincaid does a wonderful job in the way she twists the plot of this book and how you interpret one thing and then all of sudden what you thought was going to happen doesn't and something else comes up. Wonderful job, this book just keeps you guessing on what will happen next. I recommend this book to anyone that enjoys reading historical/paranormal/suspense all in one.

4 Tea Cups!

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Keena Kincaid said...

Thank you so much for your lovely review of Enthralled and the recommendation. I'm glad you enjoyed the book.


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