Thursday, October 7, 2010

Review: Heart of the Night by Karen McCullough

Heart of the Night by Karen McCullough

Publisher: Red Rose Publishing
Genre: Gothic Romance

Heat Rating: 2



Coping with her father's declining health isn't the only challenge Jess O'Rourke faces as head of a small-town library. An old collection of books moldering in the basement may hold the secret to returning a demon to his own world. But that demon likes being where he is, and he's recently learned the book's location. He plans to retrieve it or destroy it, by whatever means necessary.

An enigmatic but attractive man who's begun hanging around the library warns Jess about the book and the demon coming to get it. She's dubious about the whole thing, but begins to search for the book. As the demon's efforts to retrieve it escalate, Jess comes to realize that laying the demon may cost her more than just time and effort. It could claim everything she holds dear, even her own life.

Dodie’s Review

Jess has been unwittingly safeguarding a book that has the potential to lay a demon to rest. Somehow a demon, who was called to human form by the same book, has discovered the location of the book. He needs the book for his own demonly uses (which are revealed in the book). Gabe warns Jess about the demon, and helps her search for it. Of course, they find their happily ever after. This was a great short read. It is difficult to say much about the story without giving away too many details, but I recommend it. You won't be disappointed.

4 Tea Cups!

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Lilly Gayle said...

Heart of the Night is such a hot cover. That guy looks like a very young, very sexy Antonio Banderas. Yum!


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