Sunday, October 10, 2010

Review: My Lord Jack by Hope Tarr

My Lord Jack by Hope Tarr

Publisher: Carina Press
Genre: Historical Romance

Heat Rating: 2



Former French courtesan Claudia Valemont can't believe her life has come to this: standing in front of a Scottish judge, sentenced to death for stealing a horse. She fled France to find her father and escape the hangman's noose. Now here she is, facing the same fate—alone, desperate and penniless.

"Hold! I will speak for her."

Burly Scottish hangman Jack Campbell takes pride in his work: serving justice and giving the condemned a quick end to their sorry lives. Why he spoke for that pale, hollow-eyed Frenchwoman he'll never know. But now he's stuck with her—assigned to be her keeper for six months' indenture.
Bound together by the rules of her sentence, Jack and Claudia learn to appreciate their differences. But as their wary affection turns to tender desire, secrets from the past appear and threaten to destroy their future...

Clare’s Review

Claudia and Jack both have more in common that they at first thing, despite Claudia being a French lady and Jack a Scottish hangman. Both outcasts and both born out of wedlock with foreign father's, they find themselves thrown together when Claudia is indentured to Jack for 6 months in lieu of her hanging for stealing a horse.

The rich descriptions and wonderful Scottish language add depth and character to the story. Claudia and Jack are so real, they leap off the page at you. Their accents come across clearly and wonderfully, leaving you in no doubt as to their nationalities or where the story is taking place. With its twists and turns and heart stopping moments as events suddenly go a way I hadn't expected, this well written story grabbed my attention from the start.

Ms Tarr has done a wonderful job of creating three dimensional characters in Claudia and Jack that live on once the last page is turned. With its action, drama, love and romance, My Lord Jack has everything you could want from a novel on a long dark evening. Its the first of Ms Tarr's books I have read and won't be the last.

5 Tea Cups!

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