Sunday, October 31, 2010

Review: Torn by Raven Starr

Torn by Raven Starr

Publisher: Red Rose Publishing
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Heat Rating: 2



Everybody falls in love and everyone gets hurt. Alyssa Kendall is no different. But what would you do if the love of your life was being held captive by a psychopath?
How far would you go?

Alyssa finds out just how far she’ll go for love, revenge and peace of mind. She’s not Torn between two men, but between the two halves of herself.

Which half will win? Find out in Torn.

Lena's Review

Alyssa Kendall has been burned in love twice in her life. The first time she thought he was the one, Julian, but like other guys he turns out to be scum. Second time she thought she found love in Christian yet he turned out to ruin her life—literally. Yep, love for Alyssa Kendall doesn’t come easy but like other women she still wants love in her life. With a broken heart she runs away to find a new life away from Julian. Yet destiny has a way of finding your soul mate again and Julian is it for her. Just when she thinks life can be normal she is assaulted by the other man she thought was the one. Will Alyssa ever find her real love at no matter the cost?

Julian is a man who knows when love is near and that is Alyssa Kendall. Making love to her was what scared him the most that he came close to feeling for a woman. Meeting her years ago he thought she would be just for fun but somehow she got under his skin like no other woman. The thing is, it scared him to the core and now years later that he found her again he is determined to make things right. Yet because of his fear she is trapped in a life with a man who is determined she never escapes his love. He knows Alyssa belongs to him but he wants more than ever her love and trust in him. Can he prove to Alyssa that they deserve a second chance at love again?

Torn by Raven Starr is not your typical romance for it is packed with pain, suspense, trust but more importantly the chance of changing one’s life and goal at life. Alyssa is a woman who just wants love in her life someone to cherish and protect her at any cost. I loved that yes Julian was right for her but he is afraid of feeling love in his life especially towards Alyssa. These two together and what they go through is heart-wrenching yet the pain she goes through is all for something. I loved how Raven brought all these emotions of Alyssa to life and how she overcomes it is one worth reading. Definitely a great read.

5 Tea Cups!

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