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Review: Two Grooms for Dani by Roxi Romano

Two Grooms for Dani by Roxi Romano

Publisher: Ellora’s Cave
Genre: Sci-Fi Romance

Heat Rating: 3



Princess Danika Dubhraic is a rebel of her own making. A Top Gun pilot, she’s sworn off marriage. But Dani has a secret. She’s been waiting a decade for her lover to tire of being the biggest stud in the galaxy and marry her.

General Joryn Vierek, soldier of fortune, has been in Danika’s life ever since her hormones could spot a hot man. But she didn’t realize just how hot he is until they’re contracted to marry to cement a peace initiative between their peoples. Much as she’s attracted to Joryn, Dani’s incensed she has no say in the arrangement. Enter lover Brody Callahan with his own marriage proposal. But does he love her or just want to win the girl?

It takes an attempted assassination, a deadly battle and serious sacrificing to make Dani realize she loves Joryn and Brody. But even if there’s a way she can keep both men in her life, can the ultra alpha Brody and Joryn share?

Reader Advisory: If you like just a taste of ménage, this story contains a single M/F/M scene.

Lena’s Review

Princess Danika Dubhraic has everything a princess can want. She has her own career, a lover she can count on anytime and a soon-to-be husband. Everything any other princess would like but Dani is not like your other princesses. Someone doesn’t want her marriage to go through and will stop at nothing until she’s gone. Dani knows that she should be grateful to have General Joryn and Brody in her life but she wants more. She is after all a woman and cannot just choose one man for her whole life. These two men mean so much to her but she is a princess with obligations that must be done. Will she become Joryn’s wife and maintain peace between two worlds or will she choose to be a woman wanting more than just love?

General Joryn Vierek and Brody Callahan are two different people from two different worlds but have one thing in common. Princess Danika. For years they have known her one is betrothed to her since a few years and the other has known intimately for years. One has seen her bad, good and very naughty side but only one has pushed her real hard like no other man. With Brody she can be wild and naughty in every way being anyone but a princess. With Joryn she has to be a lady and watch her every move. Or she thinks? Two men who want her but only one can become her husband.

Roxi Romano has done it again with Two Grooms for Dani. Man I loved Dani in this book for she’s got two guys who want her and she has to pick or test in this case. Each chapter shows each man trying to gain her attention and make her decision. Now personally I thought each guy went above and beyond for their sexual prowess and strong willpower. They’ll make any woman swoon. Now Dani is a tough cracker for one minute she doesn’t want either one, but it is easy to fall for their charms and sexuality. Definitely a book worth reading and ladies beware—ice, you will need it.

4 Tea Cups!

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