Saturday, November 13, 2010

Review: Alaska Heart by Christine DePetrillo

Alaska Heart by Christine DePetrillo

Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Heat Rating: 2



Alaska is supposed to be cold, so why is Alanna Cormac on fire?

Sent on a dream assignment to Denali National Park, nature magazine writer Alanna Cormac has no intentions of falling in love with Dale Ramsden, sexy Iditarod winner. When Dale, his family, and even his eighteen sled dogs charm their way into her heart, however, Alanna’s fast-track New York instincts crumble. The Alaskan landscape and the caress of a man too good to be true ignite feelings she never had time to explore before. Feelings that have her so blissfully busy she’s unaware she’s being watched. Judged. Targeted. She’s next.

Love will either save her or swallow her whole. Is there a difference?

Dodie's Review

Christine DePetrillo must have been to Denali. Her descriptions of Alaska and Denali are dead on. Alaska is a simply beautiful place. Even thought I don't want to admit it, it has been close to twenty years since I have been there, and the beauty stays with you. Although, I had the good sense to go there in the summer and not the early spring that this book is set in.

This is definitely a contemporary novel. The book opens with a string of emails between Gaia Girl and Sled Dog. Gaia Girl and Sled Dog have been internet correspondents for some time. When Gaia Girl, or Alanna Cormac, ends up on a dream trip to Alaska, and meets Sled Dog in the flesh. I really enjoyed this touch of realism to the story. People meet and fall in love, or lust, via email and chat all the time these days. The fact that they have been corresponding for so long, helps explain their instant chemistry when they meet. Alanna and Dale forge a close, relationship during her time in Alaska on assignment, and really do their part to heat up his cabin with their love scenes.

This is a great book. Christine DePetrillo really takes the readers on a trip to Alaska, and on a ride on a whirlwind romance. I recommend that you go and buy this book. You won't be disappointed.

5 Tea Cups and a Recommended Read!

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