Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Review: The Doorway to His Heart by Jo Barrett

The Doorway to His Heart by Jo Barrett

Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Genre: Historical Romance

Heat Rating: 2



The world rarely grants anyone a second chance, but that is what Emily Mayfield receives when she walks through a mysterious door at the end of one life, over far too soon, to be cast into a new one. Only problem is, the woman staring back at her from the mirror is not Emily Mayfield.

Viscount Westmore knows his wife to be a conniving witch who lives to humiliate him, but from the moment she awakes from her illness, her actions has him doubting everything, even his own heart.

Lena's Review

For years death has been near Emily Mayfield all her life. Just when she thinks she can rest in peace fate steps in. She has no idea why she is still alive but for the first time in years she is alive. Meeting Michelle the little girl who has brought warmth in her life she feels like it’s a second chance for her. The only thing is her father, Viscount Westmore. Somehow she has become his wife and feels she has a purpose to accomplish. Yet everyone around her says she was a bad person, was she. Emily has no idea who Millicent is but knows somehow they are the same. Millicent hurt Barnaby, her husband, and little Michelle who is a ray of sunshine. She has no idea why she is with Barnaby but Emily knows it is up to her bring love and happiness to them. Can she do it? Will death come back again for her?

Viscount Barnaby Westmore is tired of his scheming wife Millicent. Yet ever since she has woken up from her illness she is different. His little girl Michelle calls her mama now which she never has done before. Now instead of running away from her Barnaby is feeling something for his wife. He has no idea what has happened but knows that she is up to something. His daughter is the most important thing and seeing her get hurt is the one thing he won’t stand. The thing is that whenever he tries to find out what she is up to he learns something interesting about his wife. Each day that goes by he is learning to love her something that scares him. Is she really his wife or an imposter trying to make a fool of him once again?

Jo Barrett has done it again in this beautiful and enchanting story of a man and a woman getting a second chance at love. Emily Mayfield is a fighter yet she welcomes rest in her life. I loved that even though she is a fighter she still wants what every woman wants and that is love. Now Barnaby is a man who thought he had love but because of a scheming woman never got it. These two together are great and the way they welcome happiness is remarkable. Jo did a beautiful job in showing Barnaby’s doubts yet his fear of failing in love again. This is definitely a great book to read and can’t wait for more of Jo Barrett’s book to come for she is truly an enchanting author that brings characters to life and memorable. Loved it!

4 Tea Cups!

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