Friday, November 26, 2010

Review: Everything but the Truth by Debby Conrad

Everything but the Truth by Debby Conrad

Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Heat Rating: 2



After witnessing a murder, Peyton Delaney is on the run from the mob and looking for protection--disguised as a hooker. She has no idea who to trust anymore, especially when the detective who was supposed to keep her safe is shot and she discovers it was an inside job. Now, at the detective’s insistence, she must find his best friend and beg for the man’s help. But how can she be sure she can trust this man?

Ex-cop Reeve Sinclair has no room in his life for a woman like Peyton, yet he agrees to babysit her as a favor to a friend. Reeve soon finds he has more trouble than dodging bullets; he’s actually fallen in love with a hooker, or so he thinks.

Lena's Review

All Peyton Delaney wants to do is make a difference in a person’s life. She never thought she would be on the run trying to stay alive. Witnessing a murder was not a thing she wanted to see in her life. Now she must be something she never wanted to be which is a prostitute to stay alive. At this point she just wants to crawl and hide but Reeve Sinclair won’t let her. This man brings out her rudeness and yet at the same time she wants to jump him. All she knows is he is the one she must trust with her life no matter at what cost. Yet all she wants is her life to be back to normal. Someone wants her definitely dead at any cost even it means killing Reeve in the process. Can she stay alive? Can she confide in Reeve about her real identity?

Reeve Sinclair has sworn to never go back into police work. After the death of his wife he has sworn to be with his son and lead a normal life. Yet he never expected to meet a woman like Pepper a.k.a. Peyton. Right off he knows she is hiding something and will find out what it is. Once he knows her real identity it shows him how courageous she is in this whole thing. Someone wants her dead and he is determined to see her alive being one step ahead of the killer. Can he do it? Can he protect Peyton long enough to tell her how he really feels towards her?

Oh my god Debby Conrad did such an awesome job in this book I wanted more. Peyton just wants to be a good counselor and make a difference in a girl’s life. I loved that Reeve is determined to not fall for her but the heart speaks differently. These two were great and the chemistry with them is hot once they explore it. Definitely a great book packed with suspense, action, chemistry and a man determined to protect his woman at any cost.

4 Tea Cups!

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