Saturday, November 13, 2010

Review: Kentucky Blues by Cat Shaffer

Kentucky Blues by Cat Shaffer

Publisher: Turquoise Morning Press
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Heat Rating: 2



Elise Drummond has never forgotten her first love-and never expected to learn via the grapevine that he was back in Brookville and living with her mother. Sam McCade had broken her heart, and she wasn't about to let him destroy her mother's as well. A quick trip back to Kentucky to lay down the law and she could back to the safe life she'd built for herself in Kansas City. When Sam McCade went on the run in the middle of the night to save his sister from her abusive husband, there was only one person he could trust to help them, Hannah Drummond. He expected the local gossips to have a field day with his return to Brookville, but he never dreamed Elise would roll into town to check out the situation for herself. And he certainly never imagined that in order to save his sister, Elise would be willing to sacrifice herself as the pawn in a dangerous game of catch the monster when his brother-in-law decides to take back what he wants no matter who stands in his way.

Dodie's Review

Cat Shaffer has done a fabulous job creating a complex cast of personalities in a small Kentucky town. As is often the case in small towns, the ties that bind the people together are tight, and complex. Elise Drummond grew up with Sam McCade, and they were high school sweethearts. Growing up, Sam McCade formed a close relationship with Hannah Drummond, Elise's mom. As Sam finds himself on the run, he returns to a place where he knows that he can trust the people, Brookville. Sam and Elise's relationship, while on hold for several years, never moved past the hot electric heat of their youth. The longer she is there trying to uncover what is going on between Sam and her mother, the more interested she becomes in rekindling her relationship with Sam.

I found myself constantly pleasantly surprised that Ms. Shaffer did not fall back on standard plot lines to create conflict between the parties or to force the book to take conventional turns. The scenes between Sam and Elise are steamy, and wonderful to read. The book proceeds smoothly from start to HEA, with a healthy dose of danger and intrigue thrown in for spice.

5 Tea Cups!

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