Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Review: Memphis Rising by Haven Isley

Memphis Rising by Haven Isley

Publisher: Ellora's Cave
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Heat Rating: 3



Jury Yates is a corporate attorney who has a thing for one of the most powerful men in Memphis—her boss. But there’s a problem with pursuing—and being pursued by—a man with such wealth and power, especially when his family once owned hers. Still, Jury cannot deny her attraction for the CEO of Wainwright Construction, whose hot bod and deep, sexy voice get her juices flowing. Can she find a way to accept that the past is the past and her future is what she makes of it?

Beauregard Charles Wainwright is the epitome of a Southern gentleman. But this modern-day Rhett Butler is more than just a gambler, he is a collector of sorts, acquiring properties and developing multimillion-dollar dreams. So he knows a sweet deal when he sees one. And Jury Yates is awfully sweet. She’s exactly what he wants, and he is determined to have her. Now all that’s left for Beau to do is convince Jury that he shouldn’t have to pay for the sins of his father.

Monica's Review

Memphis Rising by Haven Isley is an interesting short story on how the world is so small that your ancestor’s actions affect the present. The past may contain something that you want and you will do anything to have. It is hard to find out that your family has owned a slave and now you have fallen in love with their distant granddaughter. Beauregard is a wealthy man and very persistent, aggressive and knows what he wants but he is also a loving, tender man that will just sweep a lovely woman off her feet. The length of which he does this is heart captivating and makes you fall in love with his character. Why is there something in books, even in real life, about bad boys? They bring out the best in you at times.

Then you also have Jury, a powerful young woman that is seductive, passionate and she can also be taunting and push Beau’s limits. But, why not? It’s fun to see him rattle in his own skin. Just imagine a big tough guy melting down and giving up at a moment’s notice to someone dominating him, teasing him, and leaving him. How far can Beauregard go without having Jury at his side and solely his?

Tension builds when Beauregard has to let his father know exactly who he has fallen in love with and his past might just break his heart. Can his father actually accept his family’s slave distant great granddaughter and his maybe potential daughter-in-law? Or will he make Beauregard sacrifice his own happiness in the name of his fortune. Will they let nature take it course and live happily and make a family or will their misfortune and things from the past cost them happiness? Find out and read Memphis Rising.

4 Tea Cups!

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