Friday, November 26, 2010

Review: Thrill of the Chase by Christina Crooks

Thrill of the Chase by Christina Crooks

Publisher: Five Star Expressions
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Heat Rating: 2



Sarah's a whiz at tuning engines and winning races. Winning Craig, the local drag race hero, proves more difficult. He only has eyes for gorgeous women who are hot in the sack, not grubby tomboys. Sarah s world gets an overhaul when her father hires Gordon. Soon she's torn not only between two men she wants, but between the drag race winner she is and the woman she feels pressured to become.

Mary's Review

She loves cars and racing them. Her whole life has been centered in her father’s mechanic shop surrounded by men and grease all her life. So it comes as a surprise to Sarah Matell that now she wants to feel womanly and be treated like a woman. The thing is that her long-time crush Craig Keller doesn’t see her as a woman but as one of the guys. She has no idea how to act or become one but knows the new guy, Gordon Devine can help her. Something about him makes her want to be pretty and for the first time she is feeling aroused around a guy. Sarah has no idea why she is attracted to Gordon but knows that Craig is the one for her. Or is he?

Gordon Devine has never met a woman like Sarah Matell. Any other woman would want to party, have a man and children in their life, but not her. Gordon is a talented and clever man but when it comes to Sarah he is confused. She says she wants his help but he cannot hide the attraction towards her. He knows Sarah can race and she does a great job in her career. Yet he wants more of her than she can do right now. He has no idea how to help become a woman without his feelings being known. Can he just let her go to a man like Craig Keller?

Thrill of the Chase is one story full of action and a woman’s chance to actually become a woman. I loved that Christina was able to create a woman who is so like a guy yet determined to be loved as a woman. The action and the feel of the raceway in this book were awesome and thrilling. If you want a book that has racing, hot guys and a woman’s chance to getting love for the first time this is it. Awesome job Christina.

4 Tea Cups!

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