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Review: Until It’s Over by Lauren Gallagher

Until It’s Over by Lauren Gallagher

Publisher: Carnal Passions
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Heat Rating: 2



Just as dressage trainer Dani Blake decides the best kind of relationship is no relationship at all, along comes cunning linguist Connor Graham, and he's the perfect Mr. Right Now. He's newly single, not looking for any type of attachment, and smoking hot in bed.
Best of all, he’s moving out of state in a few months, so there’s no pressure for – and no chance of – a long-term relationship. Even if Dani hadn’t already made the mistake of moving to another state for a man in the all too recent past, a mistake she’s not keen on repeating, she’s stuck in Seattle because she can’t afford to move her beloved horses again.

So she and Connor will just take advantage of the time they have and enjoy it until it’s over. It’s just enough time to have some fun, and not nearly enough time to fall in love with him.


Clare C's Review

When Dani meets Connor, she’s okay with the sparks that fly because she knows it’s only temporary. He’s moving in a few months, and she’s recovering from a failed long-term relationship. The premise isn’t a new one—an emotionally scarred woman wants a fling to help heal her broken heart—but in Lauren Gallagher’s talented hands, it’s fresh and interesting.

One of the things Ms. Gallagher does extremely well is to develop characters that are both realistic and yet achieve the ideal we all want to be. I have almost nothing in common with Dani, yet by the time the story ended, I felt as if I had known her for years. Ms. Gallagher did an excellent job helping me understand Dani’s pain as she wrestled with her feelings for Connor and what kind of sacrifice that might mean from her.

The love scenes were both erotic and sweet. From the beginning, we see that what’s between Connor and Dani is special. From the beginning, we root for them to both want something more than a summer fling. They deserve a happily ever after.

This wasn’t a book I could read in one sitting. The pace is slower, more relaxed. Like Gallagher’s previous novels, Between Brothers and The Next Move, Until It’s Over is the perfect novel for a cold winter day spent snuggled up on the couch or a hot summer day on the beach. I highly recommend this to anyone looking for a little more substance from their love story.

4 1/2 Tea Cups!

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Anitra Lynn McLeod said...

This is going on my TBR file right now. :)

Lori W. said...

Thanks for the great review! :) Connor and Dani are two of my favorites. I had a lot of fun writing them - glad to hear people are enjoying them as much as I did!

- Lauren/Lori/L.A.


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