Friday, December 3, 2010

Review: Behind the Throne by Maggie Berkley

Behind the Throne by Maggie Berkley

Publisher: Red Rose Publishing
Genre: Urban Fantasy

Heat Rating: 2



Alone, pregnant and cranky, Morgan Crowe finds herself surrounded by enemies and with no one to trust when luck finds her on the doorstep of a friend long forgotten. Taken in by the daughter of a powerful King who would rather see her dead, Morgan relies on her instincts for survival and hopes she could live through the next few months in order to give birth, and then she would be up to her normal strength and skill.

As her rotten luck would have it an enemy has found itself in her safe haven and has taken revenge, by taking her only surviving friend and causing her to come face to face with her past. Court intrigue and danger rears its ugly head as the grip on her tightens, causing her to reach out for help and learn that to trust may not be as bad as she thought. Especially when that trust comes in the form a young Werewolf met once on a rainy night that seems so long ago.

But attractions are not that simple are they? Especially when an old rival shows up and the heat between them flares. But Morgan has no time for macho games, especially when her friend’s life is in her grasp.

Monica's Review

Behind the Throne by Maggie Berkley is a very enticing book that will leave you speechless. This paranormal book is very addictive in how Morgan will stop at nothing in order to save her friend. The only person that she had to lean on to help her deliver her babies into this new world has come back to haunt her. This is not the fault of her friend, yet her friend is the one that has to suffer because of it along with her family.

The sacrifice, violence and politics in this book are captivating and powerful. Just when you think that Morgan has suffered enough in this book, think again, because some new development has just occurred in her life that makes her seek justice and all hell will break loose. Berkley wrote this book in a manner that just keeps you guessing whom is next to suffer, die or get hurt because of the amount of people that hate Morgan and what she stands for.

Ty, a friend that has been helping her, is falling in love with her but he needs to understand that at this moment in time it's not very good. He needs to back off and let her deal with her issues and then maybe he may have a chance with her. There are too many plots and revenges that Morgan needs to deal with before falling in love again since now she has a family to think about. She needs to concentrate on two things—keeping her children safe and finding the woman friend that has helped for during her most fragile state of being.

In this book, Behind the Throne by Maggie Berkley, you will find everything from a love flame coming back, new alliance being made to protect the ones you love, kidnapping, vengeance and so much more that you must read this book to better understand the life of Morgan.

5 Tea Cups!

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