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Review: For the Love of Julian by Zelma Orr

For the Love of Julian by Zelma Orr

Publisher: New Concepts Publishing
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Heat Rating: 2



Can you love a man and hate him at the same time? If Juliana is to save her five year old son Julian, there is really no choice. A woman who has been wronged and betrayed, she finds that now, at last, there is a chance to get even. But should she? Her decision could save her son's life, but will it also revive the love she lost so long ago?

Clare's Review

Juliana Palmer has spent the last two years trying to come to terms with the betrayal by the one person who promised to love her and only her for the rest of their lives. Her husband Zane. Fed lies by both his mother and mother-in-law at a time when he was deathly ill in hospital, Zane chose to believe them and not Juliana and took custody of their three year old son—giving her no contact with him at all.

Even helped by one of her clients, a psychiatrist, Juli is barely coping with her feelings when Zane walks into her office out of the blue demanding her help. Julian, their son, is dying and the only thing that can save him is a bone marrow transplant. Zane wants Juli to be tested to see if she is a compatible match.

Against her better judgement, Juli goes back to California with him, telling both herself and him she’s doing it for her son and no other reason. Finding she is a perfect match is more than she hoped for, but knows there is still a long way to go. Especially with Zane’s mother determined to keep interfering.

This story is a wonderful blend of heartbreak, a broken marriage, damaged trust and the iconic interfering mother in law who will stop at nothing, literally nothing, to keep Juli away from her son. The hospital scenes are spot on, as are the emotions and wringer Juli and Zane go through. Hard to read, having been in a very similar situation myself, I probably felt a lot more empathy that was intended. There are many battles they have to overcome, Zane’s mother the least of them, before they finally realise the love between them never died.

This book is most definitely worth reading. The characters are more fact than fiction, a villain everyone can associate with – even if most are nowhere near as bad as this one. And running through its pages, the undying love a mother has for her child, a love she will do anything for.

5 Tea Cups!

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