Friday, December 3, 2010

Review: Hell Rider by Belladonna Bordeaux

Hell Rider by Belladonna Bordeaux

Publisher: Lyrical Press
Genre: Paranormal Romance

Heat Rating: 3



Jocelyn Thatcher is a humble dressmaker’s apprentice determined to not go down the road of prostitution, as her own mother did. Thwarting her sensible plans for a decent vocation are the lurid sexual fantasies, which have begun to plague her hours. Those naughty little secrets lead her to a devastating truth—she’s half fay.

Lucius Domintius Stanton has served Satan for nearly three millennia. He’s a Hell Rider--the living, breathing visage of death. Along with the other three Riders, he collects the tainted souls destined for hell. His world is tilted on its ear when he meets Jocelyn. Turn her over to the Hellfire Club or keep her for his own? A brief interview with Satan will set the course. His lust for Jocelyn might just kill her.

Contains: F/F, M/F/F, group sex, anal play.

Ren’s Review

There is a half-fey living in Whitechapel, London who is unaware of her heritage. Jocelyn Thatcher is a dedicated seamstress who is suffering from images of dangerous yet forbidden desires. Upon meeting with the Duke of Landsdowne, she immediately feels connected to him, not quite understanding why.

Lucius Dominitius Stanton, the Duke of Landsdowne, is the leader of the Hell Riders, who is also known as Death. He is, in essence, a soldier for Satan, having been bound to the Dark Prince for almost three millennia. He has been given orders to “collect” Jocelyn and to turn her over to the Hellfire club.

Jocelyn and Lucius are fated for each other. Lucius sets off a chain of events when he opts to keep Jocelyn for himself.

Since this the second book in the series, I was quite at a disadvantage as to what exactly was going on. I found that the story jumped from once scene to the next and I had to backtrack to find out what happened. The glossary at the beginning was a bit too complicated to follow as well, which is unfortunate.

It started to pick up a later and I was able to follow it. Jocelyn finds out her fate and the secrets of her mother. There are also the secrets that Lucius has been keeping from her and the inevitable resolution leading to the happily ever after theme.

I wish I could say something more positive about this but as it stands now, if you do read the Hellfire Club series, please start with the first one: Primal Appetite.

2 ½ Tea Cups!


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