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Review: Light Me Up by Rebecca Royce

Light Me Up by Rebecca Royce

Publisher: Silver Publishing
Genre: Paranormal Romance

Heat Rating: 2



Ruth has been a vampire for sixty-five years after being assaulted by a vampire during World War II while her family hid from the Nazis. One night, she is drawn to a house where they are celebrating Hanukkah and the candles are burning in the window. There, she meets a man, Benjamin Fox, who is immune to her vampire charms. Ben is thirty-five years old and dying of a heart problem he's had since he was a child.

Together, they will form a friendship that could be so much more if either could allow it. But when Ben is about to succumb to his illness, Ruth must decide whether to give in to his wishes and make him a vampire too. She is, he's decided, his ultimate Hanukkah gift.

LynnMarie's Review

This was an unusual short story. The hero of the book isn't your typical alpha male—he's dying from a heart condition and can barely walk down the street without needing to take a rest. He's visiting his family for his last Hanukkah because he has very little time left to live. Being unfamiliar with the Jewish culture, I enjoyed the intimate look into the traditions and history.

Ben was very likeable. Although he's dying, he keeps his humor and common sense. He's ready to face death—until he meets Ruth. Ruth is not your typical Jewish girl. She's a vampire that has been roaming the world alone for decades. When the two meet, sparks fly. An instant connection between the two ill-fated characters ignites and continues to grow.  The lights from the Hanukkah candles play a touching role in this story for the characters and reader.

We get a glimpse into Ben and Ruth's history and emotional state, which only makes the reader root for them and eager for a happily ever after.

Rebecca Royce has a lyrical quality to her writing and manages to pack a punch with even a low word count. Light Me Up was a sweet, touching love story with a paranormal twist. It's the perfect holiday read for Christmas or Hanukkah and will leave you with a smile and warmed heart.

4 1/2 Tea Cups!

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Rebecca Royce said...

Lynn Marie,
Thank you so much for your review and your incredibly kind words!!

Rebecca Royce


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