Monday, December 20, 2010

Review: Like Pizza and Beer by Elle Parker

Like Pizza and Beer by Elle Parker

Publisher: Lyrical Press
Genre: Alternative Romance

Heat Rating: 3



Working for his ex and his boyfriend, Dino's past and present cross.

Dino is caught off guard when his ex shows up out of the blue asking for help. His current lover, Seth, is pushing him to find dirt on his sister’s boyfriend. Juggling between two cases – and his boyfriend and ex – isn’t easy, but what choice does he have?

Working with his ex takes Dino on a trip down memory lane, raising a few doubts and stirring up Seth’s jealousy. Now he must save his ex’s restaurant and his relationship with Seth before it’s too late.

Explicit sexual situations, M/M sex and mild violence.

Ren's Review

This is Elle Parker’s second novel in the Dino Martini Detective series and I have to say that even though I haven’t read the first one (which I am going to rectify, shortly) this carries on from the first novel without missing a beat.

I bet you’re saying: how do you know this?

Ms. Parker’s talent is clearly evident as she is able to bring the reader up to date without a series of dragging flashbacks and as such, Like Pizza and Beer can be read as a stand alone novel.

Dino Martini and Seth Donnelly are moving into the next stage of their relationship which gets tested by the sudden appearance of Dino’s ex-girlfriend who thinks that someone is trying to sabotage her business. Gigi needs Dino’s help at the same time that Seth wants Dino to find out dirt on Frank, his sister Molly’s boyfriend. Seth thinks that Frank has shady dealings and doesn’t want his sister dragged down with him.

Dino is still coming to grips with his sexuality and while he loves Seth, he has yet to feel comfortable going public with his relationship. Dino is more of the reserved quiet type, even-tempered and gentlemanly. Seth, on the other hand, is the wild and hot-tempered lover with an ego the size of Florida. He is Dino’s exact opposite and to see how they interact as a couple is refreshing and humorous.

What I truly liked about this story is that it so much more than the challenges that Dino and Seth face as a couple. Ms. Parker’s attention to detail during the blending and solving of the two cases, infused with the right amount of action, the hilarious banter between ALL of the characters, the intensity between Dino and Seth and so many other surprises, have made this a GREAT story.

Honestly, I was extremely annoyed when I got to the last page because I didn’t have anymore to read and now I have to wait until Ms. Parker writes the next one.

5 Tea Cups and a Recommended Read!

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