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Review: City of Light by Heidi Michelle

City of Light by Heidi Michelle

Publisher: eXcessica Publishing
Genre: BDSM Romance

Heat Rating: 3



Come explore the pleasures to be found in the darker reaches of a city renown for its beauty, artistry and history. Follow Cyn’s story as she follows her Master, for the first time and beyond, into another world – one of perverse pleasure, decadent personalities, and exquisite sensuality. Experience the delicious disparity between common day and the darkest depths of desire in an elite setting of privilege and power, while you submerge your senses in a bacchanalian dance of sheer, wanton delight.

Warnings: This title contains graphic language, BDSM concepts, violence and multi-party sexual conduct.

Lily's Review

This is a gem of a short erotic story. The prose lavish and eloquent, the BDSM element hot and heavy, and I have to say, and I mean this as a very high compliment indeed, there were times my mind linked it to The Story of O.

Of course that classic could never be redone, but Ms Michelle’s heroine, Cyn (fabulous name!) is submitting in Paris, surrendering her pleasure and skimming the line between decadence and depravity at La Maitresse - one of Europe BDSM events.

I read this book twice, the first time drinking up the erotic descriptions and wondering just what Cyn had agreed to, and the second connecting the jumps in time. “City of Light” is written in the style of a conversation and memories, flitting between the two but cleverly thrusting the reader right into the action. For a story written in third person it held a wonderful air of intimacy.

The second read through also revealed to me the affection between Cyn and Raun, her Master. He was sensual, sexy and understood exactly what Cyn wanted and needed even before she did. I liked him much better the second time around.


For a hot little read that jumps straight in at the deep end “City of Light” will not disappoint. Spicy, kinky, artfully wrought I recommend it to anyone who enjoys BDSM fiction. Though be warned, it may leave you planning a trip to Versailles.

4 Tea Cups!

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