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Review: Dangerous Sands by Karen Bostrom

Dangerous Sands by Karen Bostrom

Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Heat Rating: 2



Massage therapist Rita Madison is divorced and retreating to the sanctuary of her upscale Jersey Shore hometown. At 39, she’s tired, broke, and has little trust in men. Her plan is to build her own business, spend time with her beloved aunt and walk on the beach – far from men, lies, and deception. But the idyllic locale she remembers from her childhood no longer exists. Her aging aunt is facing a bleak financial situation, and a series of incidents are plaguing her new business, threatening to derail her new life and livelihood.

To complicate matters further, two attractive men enter Rita’s life: a down-to-earth yet secretive carpenter who claims he is looking out for her aunt and a wealthy, smooth-talking businessman who offers her a trouble-free life every chance he gets. While Rita untangles the finances of her aunt, she must decide if she can learn to trust and love again. But is she putting her trust, and her heart, in the care of the right man?

Monica's Review

Walks on the beach with you bare feet swaying through the grains of sand, maybe hand in hand with the possible love of your life, does that not sound amazing? That is only the start of this book, Dangerous Sands has smooth writing, sensuality and mystery. That is some of the feelings I got from reading this book.

Rita is a simple woman needing to find her way back after her divorce and willing to start a new beginning with her Aunt Liz. It sounds amazing starting a new beginning in an ocean front home where she can just relax at the beach and enjoy life. Sounds amazing to me but some things don’t come that easy. Rita is not able to trust a man because of her past, but not all men are jerks. I worried after her first encounter with Mitch because of the situation that happened, but I've got to tell you she knows how to defend herself. To my surprise after reading a little more she is a very smart, independent woman and I love how she is able to handle a little conflict. Rita is able to suppress some of her feelings from Mitch but for how long and will she be disappointed that maybe she has made another mistake with another man, but good things come to people who wait. Love how Rita and Mitch make comments to each other as if they have known each other forever.
Mitch a jack of all trades but most of all gorgeous and sexy, well sorry but sexy as hell. I love how his character is somewhat dangerous, mysterious but after reading you find out that he is protective and gives a feel of warmth and sincerity. He knows what buttons to push when it comes to another character in this book that has his own agenda. The best part of the book that leaves you tingly and breathless is when he goes out to the beach and finds Rita and offers to lotion her body before getting major sunburn. Well let’s just say that those big hands had no problems giving a wonderful rub down. The best part of Mitch is how honorable he is when he could have taken full advantage of Rita during a moment of a little too much to drink.

Dangerous Sands is an intense mysterious book that will grab you and not let you go until you finish reading the book from beginning to end. This book will make you wonder what people will do in order to get what they want, not caring who gets hurt during the process.

4 1/2 Tea Cups!

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