Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Review: Getaway by Cara McKenna

Getaway by Cara McKenna

Publisher: Ellora's Cave
Genre: Erotic Romance

Heat Rating: 3



A sequel to Backwoods and Shivaree.

Six months ago Natalie drove away from Louisiana and a three-day, two-man rebound to be reckoned with. Now back in snowy Rochester, she wasn’t expecting to see either of those Southern gentlemen again. She certainly wasn’t expecting to find one standing in her work parking lot one afternoon without a word of warning.

Cold turkey is what Shane’s after. He’s been with his lover Gabriel for a year now—a year of hot sex and obsessive attraction that’s left him with a death grip on the tattered remains of his heterosexuality and too many sleepless nights. Desperate for a clean break, Shane hopes hiding out at Natalie’s for a week or two will do the trick. She sure as hell owes him one fine rebound.

But Shane quickly discovers that banishing Gabriel from his heart and his head is easier said than done. His cold-turkey recovery is headed straight for an epic relapse, and Shane’s going to have to make a choice—the traditional life he thinks he wants, or the man he can’t seem to live without.

Lily's Review

Getaway is the third in a series of hot exotica stories featuring Shane, Gabriel and Natalie and draws together many satisfying conclusions. I will confess I haven’t read the first two (I will now, that is guaran-goddamn-teed!) but, having said that, I really, really enjoyed it this way. How Shane and Natalie talked about Gabriel conjured him fabulously in my mind. I was so desperate to meet this vibrant, musical individual that I was literally clawing through the pages looking for him.

The story twists and turns with the characters passionate feelings for one another and their complex history tangles beautifully with the present. The dialogue is absolutely wonderful as is the internal monologue. And I found the dreams and fears Shane experienced in particular, so heart-wrenching, so palpable, that the words almost pulsed with intensity as I travelled with him on his new experiences and faced his demons.

Never once does the story feel unreal and all those loose ties are securely knotted. The sex scenes are suitably smokin’ and the characters incredibly likeable despite their flaws. I wonder if there is more this talented author can do with these characters. I for one would be snatching the book off the shelves the day of its release.


A great book, probably best enjoyed in the order the author intended but never-the-less a fantastic standalone read with believable characters and situations and several steamy, kickass bedroom scenes.

5 Tea Cups!

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