Friday, February 4, 2011

Review: Hot to Trot by Barrie Abalard

Hot to Trot by Barrie Abalard

Publisher: eXcessica Publishing
Genre: Erotic Romance

Heat Rating: 3



Exes Patti North and Dylan Decker adore each other. Her problem? He cheated. His problem? Her temper. Fixing things will take more than spankings and hot sex, though that’s a good start.

Patti’s afraid to let Dylan back in her life, but, broke and desperate, she takes a job at the company he co-founded. Still lusting for him, she also yearns for some old-fashioned attitude adjustment—that is, a good spanking—over Dylan’s lap. Being childhood friends, they share memories and values, as well as a passion for horses. But Patti feels she can’t trust Dylan, and that pisses her off, which leads her to act rashly—and that pisses him off.

Dylan works at convincing Patti that he’s really changed and ready for monogamy. Hot spanking and sizzling sex erupts between them repeatedly, only for something to break them apart. A climactic scene in “Hot’lanta” that has Dylan spanking Patti for her temper leads to his satisfying both of them with back-door sex.

HOT TO TROT, set in the sometimes funny, sometimes weird world of Boston high-tech, tells the story of two exes who still adore each other—and still annoy each other—more than any other twosome on the planet.
Warnings: This title includes graphic language (including “cunt”), oral sex, masturbation, moderate spanking (marks left), anal sex, male domination, semi-forced spanking (not genuinely against her will)

Wendy's Review

The story that Barrie brought was one that kept you on the edge of your seat.

Patricia North was starting over after her divorce from a man she couldn't trust, too many things came between them. He was unfaithful, she knew it even though she never really caught him. Her jealousy and innuendos caused a rift between her and Dylan Decker. Then to be starting over at her ex-husband's company causes her to have a hot bottom from the beginning.

Dylan wasn't going to put up with Patricia's tantrums or jealousy and he wanted her to tow the line at work. Bringing her to his office to give her the law if she loses her temper or causes any trouble she could lose the job she desperately needs or get a spanking.

Patti remembers her spankings from the past and misses them terribly. Even though she has an interest in Richard, a man she rides horses with, he didn't want her.

This story has a man fed up with the jealousy and temper tantrums and is not afraid to use a brush, ruler or switch. Patti learns through this that trust is the foundation of a true relationship. And she trusts Dylan to give her what she needs to make it work in her work place and at home.

If you like spankings, and great sex scenes this is the book for you. It has you squirming in your seat as you feel the heat of Patti's spankings.

4 Tea Cups!

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