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Review: Night Rangers Moon by Tara Nina

Night Rangers Moon by Tara Nina

Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Genre: Paranormal Romance

Heat Rating: 2



The Lykoians Series

Weylin Anthropos is a Lykoian with anger issues and a demon in his past that haunts his soul. He’s a Night Ranger, one of the elite protector’s of the Lykoian clans. Without the backing of the council, Weylin sets out to find his brother. The trail leads him to Mississippi and a village that many Lykoians would rather forget. Ghosts of the past linger on these hallowed grounds but are disturbed by an intruder…an enemy from his ancestry. One he must face and defeat if he is to survive and find his brother.

Long and lethal, a charcoal gray wolf from an unfamiliar clan interferes in his surveillance. Her presence toys with his mind, body, and soul. Where did she come from? How did she find him? And most of all, what did she want?

Claudette's Review

In this deftly written shapeshifter novel, Wyelin has been sent on a mission by a leading member of the Lykoian council, who he suspects is corrupt. He finds out that his brother Nick has been sent on a secret council sanctioned mission and has not returned. Nick, his younger brother is a teacher, not a trained Night Ranger. Nick should not have been sent to investigate something he was not trained for. The Night Rangers are protectors of their tribes. And Wyelin is convinced that the council are systematically attacking his family.

As an enforcer and Night Ranger, Wyelin Anthropos has rarely met his equal in a fight, never might finding a female opponent with the ability to get the best of him in combat. Which he does while travelling to an abandoned village and finding signs that he is not the only one looking for answers. He meets and fights with another Lykoian, a female. A female enforcer moreover who is certainly his mate. Zeva Kynthiakis, is a Greek Lykoian who is sent to find out if the last words of a dying Lykoian are true, and if the enemy of all Lykoians, is still alive, thirty years after he decimated his own people. Until the massacre, every five years the tribes had gathered to feast and socialise in a ritual of tribal feasts. Different tribes took it in turns to host the event and it was the chance to share information, and for Lykoians to find mates. Like any holocaust, the massacre had wiped out whole families and few had remained unaffected. The survivors had sworn that a Lykoian called Leopold was the cause and that he was leading the horrific creatures who’d butchered almost everyone there. The deaths had been so brutal that the eye witness accounts from the few survivors was not fully trusted. Leopold had not been heard of since.

The old village was abandoned as it was the site of the massacre. Neither trust the other, so Zeva claims that she is there for research purposes and Wyelin doesn’t mention his brother. 

Being around Zeva is soothing Wyelin’s spirit and he’s someone who has too many ‘personal demons’ He’s spent years tormenting himself for mistakes he’s perceived are his fault.  Together they find the threat to their race is still potent after thirty years.

When some of their questions are answered it also throws up more questions; and both Wyelin and Zeva find that it isn’t mere paranoia which is making them think there is a council led conspiracy.

This is an original and thoroughly engrossing novel and I will definitely be checking out the other books to find out what happens next, and why Wyelin is dealing with so much angst. I really liked that Zeva is such a strong character, and that Wyelin doesn’t have a problem with a woman who is his match in every way. For those of us who like our romances hot, the sensual elements were well written too.

4 Tea Cups!

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