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Review: Tinseltown by Stephanie Taylor

Tinseltown by Stephanie Taylor

Publisher: Lyrical Press
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Heat Rating: 2



Lights, Camera…Sparks!

A-list actress Deb Atkins hasn’t allowed her glamorous lifestyle to go to her head. She owes this to her wonderful family, who keeps her grounded. So, for Deb, not just any man will do, especially if he’s part of the Hollywood elite. Most actors have one thing on their mind, and happily ever after isn’t it.
Until she meets Zach Sparks, her new co-star.

Zach Sparks is famous not just for his acting skills, but his quick wit and good looks. One glance at Deb, and he's smitten. After a drunken night at a Vegas premiere after-party, one thing leads to another. The result: marriage.

Deb is appalled by her actions. So much so, she and Zach can't get along on the set. Their director demands they spend Christmas holidays together to work out their differences or they're both fired. Driven by selfish motivations, they don't expect to fall in love over Christmas or for their marriage to turn into a real one. But can their tenuous relationship withstand a bigger test than either of them ever imagined?

Lena's Review

What happens when you go to bed drunk with the woman of your dreams? Well your life is turned upside down especially for an actor like Zach Sparks. For months he has loved Deb Atkins and admires her in every way. As an actor and she an actress he knows how work can be tough and no private life. He expected a lot of things after the morning but never expected marriage. Yet even though it was a game he is starting to love her. He has dated many women before but something about Deb intrigues and enchants him. Hollywood sure has its ups and downs but he never expected that he would be content with a life with Deb. Now that he’s experience and lived a life of full love he doesn’t want to let it go. Can he convince his wife that they belong together and not to divorce?

Deb Atkins has always wanted to be an actress and swore she wouldn’t let love interfere. She expected a lot of things after drinking to many wine but never marriage. Deb knows that Zach Sparks has a reputation of women but never thought she would be another notch to his bed post. The thing is she never been near his bed expect intoxicated. Now that she is sober she wants to know more about her husband. Her family always told her she needs to relax and have fun. As an actress she has seen many things but never felt real love like she has in Zach’s arms. Can she just walk away from Hollywood to be a wife and possibly a mother?

Tinseltown sure has a lot of fun things happening right now with Zach Sparks and Deb Atkins. Two movie stars who don’t know what to do in their love lives yet end up finding out what they have been missing all their lives. The love is definitely there yet Deb wants bigger things and Zack just wants life to be simple. These two may be opposite yet the attraction is stronger than ever till the end. It was fun to read how Zack attempts to make Deb see they belong together. Love is sure strong in this book and readers will enjoy Stephanie’s flair of romance and happily ever after. Great job.

4 Tea Cups!

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