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Review: The Deadly Séance by Monette Michaels

The Deadly Séance by Monette Michaels

Publisher: Liquid Silver Books
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Heat Rating: 2



A Gooden and Knight Mystery: Case File #2
Abigail Gooden's Uncle Vidal is in love. His soon-to-be bride, Ariana Huntingdon, has asked him to perform a séance. Its purpose is twofold: to obtain Ari’s deceased husband’s blessing for the nuptials and to get his advice about some much needed tough love for their three adult children. Before Vidal can perform the séance, Ari dies in his arms--and it's definitely murder.

One of the five people in the room did it. Was it one of the spoiled children whose allowances were to be cut off? Was it Ari’s long-suffering, poor-relation secretary, Rose Connors? Or was it the butler, Simmons?
Abbie and Luc barely begin to investigate Ari’s death before another murder occurs. With ties connecting the current deaths to two previous ones and danger from Abbie’s past stalking them, it will take all their smarts plus help from their friends and a whole lot of magic to figure out whodunit before the killer strikes again.

Claudette's Review

I am rapidly becoming addicted to Monette Michael’s writing, no matter the genre I know the writing and story will be well written escapism. In this second book in the series, the action takes place mere weeks after the last one. We get to revisit witch and Lawyer, Abbie Gooden and her mate, wizard shifter, and Investigator, Lucan Knight. Abbie is still coming to terms with their mating, and finding it difficult to cope with Luc’s overprotective, possessive shifter side. She is also frustrated with him not being able trust her ability to protect herself. The wonderful cast of characters from the first book, ‘The Virtuous Vampire,’ reassemble again from Abbie’s elegant, flamboyant mother Ilana; who is also a witch, to her vampire lover Jurnik. Ilana’s brother, and Abbie’s Uncle, Vidal, a necromancer, and Police officer Sam who is still coming to terms with the knowledge he can no longer deny, that he has inherited shaman powers from the native American side of his family.

Vidal arranges a séance for his fiancée, Arianna Huntingdon. His wealthy fiancée wishes to speak to her dead husband and seek his advice about their adult children. Three children who are spoilt, and reliant on her for money to continue their pampered lifestyles, and maintain their dubious addictions. She thinks some tough love is needed to give them a wake up call about how they are living their lives. The family arrive for the séance and gather in one room. None of her family believe that the séance is anything other than the chance for their mother to embarrass them in front of her new man, but clearly someone has had some advance warning because before the séance can begin, Arianna dies suddenly in Vidal’s arms. Vidal is inconsolable and informs Ilana and Abbie that the spirits of Arianna and her husband Al say they were murdered. Arianna’s husband died several years previously in a car crash, but the ghosts have told Vidal that whoever murdered Arianna, murdered Al too. Abbie wants to help her uncle and assigns herself to the case. . Amongst the possible murder suspects are Arianna’s three children, her cousin Rose, and her butler Simmonds. So they have to consider, ‘Did the butler do it?’

Abbie’s assistant Daniel, and his life partner Van are her ‘big brothers’ they are also ready to assist Abbie in her investigation, being ex special forces comes in handy. Of course Luc would not be the alpha male if he wasn’t part of the team and investigation skills will be needed. The killer has already killed twice, and is happy to add bodies to the pile. Abbie’s nemesis the dark Wizard Mark Madoc and his equally evil family, also resurface to threaten her safety again.

This story is full of humour, action, and superlative storytelling. Ms. Michaels knows how to entertain and supply the perfect balance of contemporary and supernatural elements in her world building, which is why her name on any book makes it an automatic, must buy for me.

5 Tea Cups!

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Monette said...

Claudette --

Thank you so much for loving my writing and the second Abbie and Luc book. And look at all those tea cups! I am so flattered.

Monette Michaels


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